Macaroni rescue

I am sure you have never had this problem, but I did. I baked the macaroni and cheese too long, leaving it in a warm oven to maintain a warm temperature for the barbecue later. Instead of keeping it warm, it dried it out into little cheese curds with noodles. Yuck! We ate some of it for the 4th, but I at least was disappointed.

So now it was July 5th and we had left overs for supper. We all like home-made macaroni and cheese, but this was hard and dried out looking. It needed rescuing! Where are my super heroes now, when I need them? Where is the dark knight of macaroni? The Spidey of creamy cheese sauce?
Realizing I was on my own now, I heated up some milk in a saucepan and added some grated cheddar to it to melt. Then I scooped out chunks of the macaroni into it, stirred it up, put a lid on it and left it on low. I kept checking and stirring some more. Sure enough, it seemed to melt in and pretty soon it was just about right! Oh, not as perfect as it would have been first time around in the not over-baked style. But still, it was moist and cheesy. So, for the left-over meal of burgers, brauts, pickles and so on, it worked just fine.
Just wanted to share…
food rescue #1


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