Stuffed Morning Buns

(I am reprinting this one because it is Fair time. I have to make it and turn it in by this Wed. Whoo-hoo! )

This is the one thing I think I would enter into the Fair this year. I have never entered the fair, but this year I just might.

Morning buns are basically, a ball of sweet dough topped with lots of streusel and baked.  My version is a wee bit different.  I roll out the dough, about 18-20 oz of it, into a rectangle, spread butter over it, sprinkle sugars and spices on it, then press over that golden raisins, Craisins and nuts into it.

I roll it up and press gently to flatten it. Or I just fold it over like a letter, then I lay it on parchment paper, cut the tube into 6ths, but not all the way through. I leave a ‘spine’ there to keep it in place and minimize all the goodies leaking out. I just let it raise, then cover it in streusel topping and bake away! How many tubes I make depends on how much dough I have. On Saturday nights I make a big batch of sweet dough. The next morning it gets made into any kind of pastry that is required. Monkey bread or buns, cinnamon rolls, sweet petals, cream cheese danishs, braided coffeecakes or….stuffed morning buns!

Usually I can fit 3 tubes into my coolie baking pan I got from an ex-chef’s yard sale. That makes about 18 large buns.

Oh yeah baby!

But monkey buns are good too…


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