pancakes, gluten, sugar and dairy free, not taste free! Who knew?

gluten free/dairy blueberry pancakes with grade B maple syrup, the nectar of the gods.

I see some blueberry juice is leaking out. (I almost called it blueberry guts, but didn’t want to offend.)

Well, we have been, once again, playing with the food habits around here. For a limited time only, we are going dairy-sugar-gluten free. I am a little bit better informed now and better equipped to deal with hungry guys.

Sort of.

I at least have a list of what they cant eat.

“I’m starving! What can I have??”

“Well,  you can’t have that or that or especially this. And no sugar, no dairy.”

“But what can I have??”

“Well, um…just find something that’s not that!” followed by exasperated sighs, rolling of the eyes and muttering like “I guess I’ll just starve then”.

Breakfasts are especially hard. I mean, cereal has sugar and milk. Pancakes, waffles, french toast, all gluten and syrup and dairy, whats a person to have for breakfast? Especially when the one that should most be on this diet doesn’t like eggs?

Lots of hot cereal, man.

So imagine how excited I got when I finally relented enough to get maple syrup and make pancakes. Gluten/dairy/sugar-free ones made from my jar of home made mix.

But before I get there, if you need any kind of sweetener, come on by. I now stock white sugar, brown sugar, molasses, maple syrup, honey, agave and stevia. You name it, I got it.

Well, not exactly. I don’t have date sugar or coconut sugar. Just give it time.

I feel the inner mad scientist lurking nearby. If I had a way to monitor blood sugars, I can just imagine me taking unsuspecting neighbor children aside, feeding them different kind of sweetened treats and jabbing them with a needle to get a blood sample. “Why look! Your blood sugar level is much better than his because you had agave and he had honey.  Why yes, that does make you a better person.” But then I would have to change my name and move.

Wait, see what happens when I am home alone for a little while? My typing fingers run amok. That wasn’t me, really.

So I looked up several pancake recipes that were gluten free and got the feel for it. It’s not really that different from any other ol’ pancake. In fact it is one of the easier things to make without wheat. I cooked them a little longer to make sure they were done.

I always put the blueberries on the pancake after it is poured in the pan. I use a spoon to push them in and try to cover them with some pancake batter, sometimes even taking and pouring more batter over them. It does make extra thick pancakes though, if you do that. But by making them individually, you can give some people blueberries and others not and you don’t have to worry about blue/grey batter from leaky berry guts.

So here is how I made them. I made a smallish batch which made about 6 pancakes.

1 1/2 cup of all purpose GF mix of your choice

1 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. baking soda

(notice I did not add Xanthum gum. The mix had some in it and the pancakes do not need more than that.)

whisk these together. In a large measuring cup or a bowl, mix:

1 1/4 cups coconut milk (or more. I used unsweetened just because I had never bought it and that s what sounded good. It really has no flavor. You, of course,  can use whatever you want, milk, buttermilk, almond milk. etc.)

1 egg

2 Tbsp. coconut oil (you can use melted butter or canola oil or whatever)

2 squirts of agave nectar. (about 1 1/2 Tbsp. I guess)

a splash of vanilla

a bit of salt.

Mix these together, adding more milk or flour mix as needed to get a nice pancake batter consistency. I think I did add quite a bit more of the coconut milk. The batter was not too thick, not too thin. I poured then into a hot skillet with coconut oil heated in it.

Then put some blueberries on top. Waited until it was good and brown before flipping. Then served them up and ate.

Very good indeed!


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