Winning recipes from the OC Fair.

This is the first year I entered anything in a fair…ever. I wanted to last year, but the deadlines snuck right by me.

I think entering food (or anything you have made)  in the fair is such an Aunt Bea, down-home, all-American thing to do.

that little thing is a half of a stuffed morning bun full of raisins, cranberries, walnuts and brown sugar. Oh, and topped with steusel with almonds. But keep in mind, it is a week old by now in this picture.

So this year I did it. I wrote notes all over the place so as not to miss the deadline. (On the calendar, on the bulletin boards, on my dresser). I wheedled a friend into entering with me. (I knew she would remember).  I lost sleep the night before. But by golly, I got my 2 entries in on time!

Going to the fair, by the way, before it is open is a kind of adventure in itself. You get to drive right into the fairgrounds, dodging venders, waiting for pedestrians who could care less you are there, skirting giant cranes putting up rides. Its fun and made me feel like an insider.  Iris called and said she dropped her stuff off earlier and no one was there. My friend Rita had entered cookies and a cake and was there minutes before me and there was no one there.

How come, then, when I went, there were about a dozen people in line ahead of me?! But I didn’t really mind. It was exciting. I got to peak in at what other people were bringing. One woman thought to put her cakes and cookies in a laundry basket with towels to brace them. Good thinking.

I saw yummy looking cookies. I saw giant sculpted cakes. Could you really eat those? I entered my 2 breads: Italian Cheesy Swirl bread and Stuffed Morning Buns.

And they both placed!

Swirly-twirly, herbaceous, Italian cheese bread. Yes, its supposed to be hollow inside. They marked it down for looking funny. But they all loved the flavor!

I was very excited to see that they both won a ribbon, first time out. And I was surprised at which won what.

The Italian bread won 2nd place. I was surprised it won at all. I love it. Others love it, but still, you never know what you are up against. And it looks kind of funny and misshapen. There is always a large hollow area in it. Always.

Then the Morning Buns won 3rd. I actually figured if anything had a chance to win it would be those. Unfortunately, although I went to the fair, I did not seem to have the time to check out what other winners were in my categories. The insane fair people scatter everything around so I have no idea what won 1st place in either of those categories. I really would like to know what was better than the morning buns, cause they are pretty darned awesome if I do say so myself.

Anyway I will want to enter again next year. I am already thinking what I would like to make. I hope you enter too. Maybe some jam? Or a pie? Or a dress you made? Or a quilt?

See ya’ll at the fair!


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