Gussied up Brown Rice

A little bit of this..a little bit of that…


So, I am trying to incorporate more brown rice into this white rice family. You know, healthier, more fiber, yadda-yadda-yadda.

(Bitterness? No, I don’t miss my fluffy/or sticky, soft, white rice. It’s just a crying shame, that’s all).

Usually I make plain brown rice and expect eaters to add their own soy sauce, butter, what ever. It’s not very exciting but we don’t expect exciting with brown rice. Because it’s good for you…

But today I thought, “Hmm, lets add some sautéed onion. And some chicken broth, that’s always tasty.”

So I did it. Sauteed some onions, the brown rice and some butter and olive oil. After a few minutes of that I poured in the broth. But you know, there is that half a tomato left over from lunch…(chop, chop, chop). And some diced bacon left from rendering the fat for the pork chops. Lets throw the bacon in too. And some salt. And a diced green onion just because it looked sad all alone in the fridge.

Next thing I know, my son and I were digging in to “taste it” and wow! We all loved it with the dinner of pork chops and glazed carrots. What a great dinner. Now I just have to get someone in the kitchen to do the dishes.

So now I know brown rice doesn’t have to be boring! It can be made into fried rice. It can be made into this ‘kitchen sink’ kind of rice dish. If I had ham I might put that in. If I had remembered the slivered almonds, I would have toasted some and put them or pepitos in.  Or some peas or broccoli. (ew, no). But rummage through your fridge next time you are making brown rice and gussie it up!


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