What to do with fresh tomatoes: Caprese Chicken Salad Wrap

I wish I could remember where I found this.

Thank you, whoever you are…

Caprece chicken salad on the inside

I couldn’t have done it without my new best friend…

Once again, thank you Trader Joes for making it easy…

It was a hot day. There was left over chicken. I had some of those flour tortillas that are raw when you get them and you cook them for a minute on each side. I was set.

And of course, since it is summer…

My tomato plants are on the other side of this cinder block wall, so I just line them up while harvesting.

This was so easy.

I just heated the tortilla.

Diced up some left over chicken.

Added some cheese. Lets pretend it was mozzarella. It was jack cheese because that is what I had. But it should have been mozzarella.

I happen to have some prosciutto, so I sliced it up and put it in. I would have used bacon if I had had it. It’s not “caprece” but who cares. It’s bacon! Or in this case, prosciutto.

You need basil. Slice it into slivers and sprinkle it on.

Then the sliced or diced home grown tomatoes.

Funny, when you grow tomatoes, you get so excited to pick the first one. You are so proud, take a picture, you might even pick it a little early. Then you are so happy because you have 3 or 4 in one day!

Then you start getting a little anxious because they just keep coming. Now its bowls full every couple of days. And they start rotting and you get gnats. But you know you are not supposed to put them in the fridge. Any idiot knows this. It turns them mealy. But you put them in anyway because they are coming out your ears! And you try to give them away, but your neighbors are out there weeding and harvesting their own, shoving them in their own fridges.

But wait! There is an easy solution.

Freeze them!

They become hard rocks in your freezer. At which point you gather them up and put them in a bag. Later , when you take them out, you put them in a pot and they melt down. You can put them in a blender and make spaghetti sauce or salsa or whatever! Its magic and wonderful.  My general plan is to freeze them and keep freezing them and freeze the ones my mom is giving up from her garden ’cause she is up to her armpits in tomatoes too. Then one day soon I will melt them, blend them and make tomato sauce to can. In jars like. Canning, you know?

Where was I?

Flour tortillas,






Balsamic reduction, your own, the one from TJ’s or just balsamic vinegar.

Wrap it up and eat, eat, eat. Make more and eat more. Eat cold, eat warm.

It’s not too fancy, but very delicious.


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