The Dog-eating Jasmine bushes



I was watching an episode of Dr. Who and the darn dog would not stop barking. And he keeps barking in threes.

(Kind of like maybe S O S?)

After waiting for someone else to take care of it I finally got up myself, which everyone figured I would do. Jack the dog was over by the jasmine bush that was a long viney thing going up the side of the garage wall. The dog is deaf as a doorpost so I clapped and yelled “Come over here, come on!!”

Jack lunged forward, stopped and went “Bark-bark-bark!” which means “If I could come over there would I be standing here barking in the sun?”
Then he lunges again.

So I went over to investigate and darned if that jasmine bush hadn’t wrapped its vines right around the poor ol’ dog!

It’s an alien invasion shaped like jasmine bushes! Get out the sonic screwdriver! Put your phasers on stun!

Oooor, get out a good pair of scissors and cut the dog free.

Beeeware the jasmine…BEWAREEEEEE!

The vines were literally wrapped right around his middle. I had to lift his legs out of the loops, then cut them away.

Keep the children away! Get out the power tools!

4 thoughts on “The Dog-eating Jasmine bushes

      1. I am an old school Dr Who fan and not so much of the latest Dr Who. Here in Australia we didn’t get much choice back when I was a kid in the 70’s so it was Dr Who on one channel or the cricket on the other one…guess what I chose? 😉

  1. “Don’t you hear the constant drumming?”
    My son was introduced to the new Who at school. Then he got me hooked just by my walking by the tv. Now we are both hopeless and my husband just rolls his eyes (and watches from the corner of his.) Now we stream it on netflix while it is summer break here. It will be fun reading your posts all the way from Tasmana! And with such a familiar blog background too.

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