Another Egg-ism

Here is another tid-bit about eggs you should know. A little tid-bit.
When you see a little speck in an egg you’ve crack open into a bowl, there is no need to panic.
I know some people think the speck (usually a red one) was going to be a baby chick. That is a fertilized egg. But think about it…
1) if it was fertilized, they would charge you loads more to buy them.
2) 99.9% of those hens never see a rooster so how could it be fertilized? Even chickens have to follow the basic laws of procreation. She needs a rooster to fertilize that egg.
So breath free and know you haven’t killed any future fuzzy little chicky when you crack open that egg.

Two of those are from our girls. No boys around. No fertilized eggs here…


2 thoughts on “Another Egg-ism

  1. You can’t tell a fertilised egg unless you decide to be really gross like those Asian people who eat almost fully grown chicks fresh from the shell…EWWW! I think we will stick with our free range eggs!

  2. Thank-you for posting this tie bit of info. For a city boy this is huge. Broke open an egg yesterday and found the small amount of blood. I wondered about that. Again
    I Cr 13:8a, Love never fails !

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