Send me your summer rainbows…


a summer rainbow building, getting brighter…


We don’t get this kind of weather much around here.

Oh, who am I kidding? We don’t get much of any weather around here. When we do, it is the talk of the town and we stare at the sky in freakish fascination. Well, I do anyway.

It is hot and humid. There is rain in the upper atmos-hemos-layery parts of the sky.

I suggested we go look for the Leprechaun.You know, the one at the end of the rainbow.

No takers. What a bunch of old poops. We could really use that pot of gold…

Can you send me pictures of rainbows?  Your rainbows where ever you are?

Lets see, if you can’t attach them here, email them with your info to me and I will add them to a post. Use this one..

Lets compare rainbows…


One thought on “Send me your summer rainbows…

  1. I would love to share a rainbow with you but they only come when the grey meets the sunshine and a bit of rain peppers the union. So far we have had grey and rainy, and sunshine with no rain…as soon as we get a rainbow BAM its yours! 🙂

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