Simple Apple Walnut Salad

As I was sitting in the recliner, otherwise know as the cat scratching post, the recliner having the magic capacity to render any  one sitting their hiney in it to certain sleep, I was also thinking about something for dinner. Or tea. Or supper. Whatever.

Food for my menfolk.

They were out doing manly work, taking an engine out of a car and otherwise stripping it to ready it for a paint job.

Its feeling rather naked now.

Hubby and his apprentice.

So there I was, in the magic shredded up chair, trying to stay awake, listen to an episode of Dr. Who and browse through a cookbook for ideas. I can still multi-task baby!

Here is what I found to make, with my little adaptations for what I had handy.

Italian grilled cheese sandwiches and apple walnut salad:

Simple, cool, crisp and crunchy salad with crispy melty cheese sandwich

Here is the salad:

Whisk together the following:

3 Tbsp. Olive Oil

1 tsp. Dijon mustard

3/4 tsp. sugar

salt and pepper to taste

Thats it, can you imagine? And so tasty your mouth will be dazzled!


1 chopped up apple

1 Tbsp. chopped green onion

3 cups torn Bibb lettuce (or whatever you have on hand)

2 Tbsp chopped walnuts

2 Tbsp. crumbled blue cheese

Toss these together and pour the whisked dressing over it. Toss, eat, repeat.

Now for that sandwich. Easy.

You need a couple slices of bread. I used sourdough. Brush one side of each slice with butter.

Either sprinkle with parmesan or, as I did this time, put parmesan cheese on a plate and lay the slice down butter first to coat.

Sprinkle with a little garlic salt and a bit of Italian Seasoning.

Grate some mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Heat up a skillet, such as a handy cast iron one. Rub a little bit of oil in it.

Lay down one of the slices, parmesan side down. Lay the shredded cheese over it, carefully trying to keep it on the bread and not on the skillet where it will burn and stick. Then lay the other slice over it, parmesan side up. Use a spatula to gently press down. Cook until browned.

Carefully flip it and keep cooking until brown on the outside and melty on the inside.

Then make another if you like. Slice them in half. Eat them up!

Someday I am going to start up my other dream blog site and in it I want to make a collection of what people are having for dinner.

So, whats for dinner tonight?

Then I would keep a category of them. And when I run out of ideas and just cant get my brain cells to work together for dinner ideas. I, you , all of us, can refer to it. I have a tendency to often wait until 5 or 6 o’clock to plan a dinner and I need something quick and something I have supplies for because, lets face it, this late I am probably not running to the store. Unless we just dont mind eating really late.

And who knows? It might be inspire me to actually plan ahead for a week of meals! I love it when I do that. Dont know why I don’t do it more. I guess I like living on the edge.










3 thoughts on “Simple Apple Walnut Salad

  1. We too have just such a recliner. The recliner, however, is amazingly intact however if you consider that said recliner belongs to our American Staffordshire Terrier “Earl” (who may not eat his own chair but has spent the first year of his life trying to eat everything else in the house…) and that it is a cat free zone, it’s easier to understand ;). We have an enormous 4 oven wood burning stove in our home. We chose to install it to minimise our carbon footprint and the rising power prices that are hitting everyone hard here in Australia and I adore her (how could something that nurtures you, gives you that first precious whisp of warmth on a cold winters morning, that stays going and has enough spark to rise like the phoenix first thing when its dark and that gives you that first precious elixir cup of tea NOT be female? ;)). Her name is Brunhilda and as we are tickling spring at the moment here in Tasmania (it only starts to warm up in October when the last frosts cease in reality) the thought that pretty soon Brunhilda will get to put her feet up, get her annual once over check and repainting and will be put out to pasture for another year actually makes me sad! Yes we will have bbq’s and outdoor fires but it’s not the same as that condensing down into what is real and simple in the middle of winter when I am the only one out of bed (Steve and the dogs are asleep in ours) and the fire takes my offerings of wood and turns them into pure warmth and pleasure, cracking away while I sit and read my rss feed reader.

    As a vegan I miss cheese. I loved cheese with an enormous passion. The “enormous” part of it was my derierre that took every mouthful of cheese and converted it to pure mass. I now make approximations of cheese and have just bought Miyoko Schinner’s book called “Artisan Vegan Cheeses” that shows us how to make nut cheeses that are aged and that have real bite and texture and that even melt! How far we have come from that disgusting “soy cheese” that should ONLY be flushed down the toilet in disgust (still in it’s wrapper people DON’T say that I didn’t warn you!). I choose not to eat soy products but hey, each to his own. I think I am about to be drummed out of the vegan confraturnity because tonight we kill 2 young roosters…”chicken” and “stock” (named from the moment that it became apparent that they were male). It no longer makes me feel terrible because I have learned to give them the respect that they are due. It’s not their fault that they were born male. Steve has stopped being upset about having to kill them as they taste wonderful! We used up the last free range rooster from our freezer last night and roasted half of him, made a wonderful stock out of the bones from the other half, fed the slavering dogs the roasted skin and a few yorkshire puddings excess to the roast (like your poppovers but yorkshire puddings are the original 😉 ) and they could hardly move (a perfect time for the feral cats outside to slink in and scratch up Earls chair but they declined the invitation ;)).

    I found a recipe for vegan “blue cheeze” online and it involves using a weird fermented stinky tofu product to make it. Not too sure that I want to translate stinky tofu into something that I put into my mouth but smell certainly didn’t stop me shovelling in blue cheese by the bucketload when I wasn’t vegan so maybe I should try it and report back. I dare say “stinky vegan blue cheese salad” might not be top on most peoples list but you never know lol ;). I think your idea of a dinner blog is a great idea. There are only Steve and I here now and we tend to have “something” for dinner that turns into leftovers for the rest of the week. We always cook something delicious because we can’t abide with food that tastes bad. If you are going to put it into your mouth and you are going to expect to build your human temple on it, it should be worthy of greatness! Cheers for this lovely post and for the picture of the car. Can we please see it when its “decorated”? See you in your next post 🙂

  2. By the way that sourdough looks AMAZING. I have been learning from your past sourdough posts and changed my original sourdough to make it a 75% hydration and white so hopefully I will be able to make a nice round boulle sourdough like you do. Kudos maam, you are the sourdough queen! 🙂

  3. hello again Tazie friend. I loved your response. It was fun to read. You crack me up naming your roo’s chicken and stock. It reminds me of my sister, who is also an omnivore like me, but won’t kill any of her animals. She rents a house on 11 acres in Oregon and has chooks, goats, turkeys, steer, cats, dogs and whatnot. But she will never kill or eat one and when she heard about our butchering one of our hens when it got mean and refused to lay. Sis thought I was a cannibal and told me off in a lengthy email. She still hints at my murdering tendencies (although we actually had her butchered at a chicken place).
    The sourdough, or any other artisan bread needs, when it comes down to it, one of two things. Either a wood stove (which you have) or other outdoor oven that can heat to a billion degrees or one of those enamel pots with a lid that captures the steam the bread gives off and gives you the steam injection the crust needs. I have 2 of those pots now and love em! The best bread comes out of them.
    This batch of sourdough starter is wonderful and it is the first one I started on my own, not just taking from someone elses brew. I shall name her Bubbles. Tiffany Bubbles. She bubbles up in just a few hours, even after being dormant for months. Got to love her.
    As for cheese, that is one of the reasons I could and would not be vegan. I see no good reason to give up something so wonderful as cheese. I missed too much of it growing up when cheese meant cheddar or Velvetta. It was years later, in my 30’s when we found a good cheese source and learned about asiago and fontina and aged provolone and gouda. ahhh. I feel your pain at missing it. My daughter had to give it up with lots of other foods when she was on a diet for her skin.But that was the first thing she cheated on. Cheese…
    But good luck with the alternate cheese. I am curious to see if you can get cheese out of nuts. After all, you can get milk from an almond, so anything is possible!

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