frozen tomatoes on a hot day

I discovered something else cool to do on a hot day besides washing the dog, the car, or defrosting the big freezer chest in the garage.
Its skinning the frozen tomatoes you saved for canning!

I thought today I might have some time for canning garden tomato sauce. I took out about 4 big ziplocks full. Oh, would you look at that! Some of them still have the green stems on them. That wont do.
So I took one out, ran it under cold water to help thaw it a little so I could pull off the green top.
Instead of the green top coming off, the tomato skin just slid off, without even trying! So all that boiling, then chilling, the skinning, which you have to do with fresh tomatoes you can skip with frozen ones.
Just run under cold water and rub the skins right off.
Of course, the even easier way is to thaw the tomatoes as it, cook them down and use a blender to just mix the skin right in. Since its been frozen, the skins are not as tough as fresh ones and blend in beautifully.

Ooooh, feel the nice cool water, cold tomatoes on a hot, hot summer day! (but wait to can them until it cools off a bit. The kitchen gets pretty hot and steamy when canning).

I put water in the bowl of frozen tomatoes to thaw them out faster. What I ended up with was a bowl of tomatoes frozen together with ice! As the tomatoes thawed, they would easily pull out leaving an odd ice sculpture that I just had to share.
fat ones, skinny ones, cracked ones, lumpy ones. They all will make some wonderful sauce

6 thoughts on “frozen tomatoes on a hot day

  1. Isn’t it amazing how the skins just slide off? I love it! Now I have to get about making something with them. Maybe I’ll just blenderize them and stick them back in the freezer for another day!

  2. Funny, I am sitting here with all these thawed out tomatoes wondering what to do with them too. I was thinking of doing the same thing, just blend them up and freeze or can them. Or should I make catsup, or salsa or bbq sauce or chipotle sauce or…there are so many recipes. Instead they are in a bowl back in the fridge until tomorrow. I have till morning to make up my mind. Good luck with yours.

  3. And here I am thinking about what kinds of tomato seeds we are going to plant for this years harvest! I have been following your instructions for making sourdough bread to the letter. My previous experiment resulted in hideously sour vinegar bricks. I vowed NEVER to make that mistake again! A quick hunt online (resulting in me adding you to my rss feed reader after finding your wonderful sourdough post…) and voila! 2 bowls of silky soft dough just about to undergo their third folding (or whatever it is that I am doing to them in a rough approximation of what you said to do…anarchy, thy name is Fran! ;)) and as its pretty cold here in sun-free Tasmania, I am just going to leave them out on the sink to shiver until tomorrow where I am going to follow the rest of the instructions and bake perfect little round boulles. If they flatten out and turn into vinegar bricks I think I might just start going into production and make that pizza oven that I saw on Instructables with them. At least the termites won’t touch them! πŸ˜‰

  4. Now I am nervous for you. My reputation is at stake. Hope the sourdough is bubbly for you! You might also let it raise in a parchment lined bowl, to help hold its shape. Then gently lift it out, when raised, and put in preheated stone or pan or pot with lid. It would help it go up instead of out. (now I want to reread the post)

    1. Don’t panic, it wasn’t your instructions that failed me, it was Herman and his inexcusable desire to give me false hope and dash it away from me! Herman is sitting in the cupboard thinking about his lack of actions. I might someday mess about with sourdough again, but I am not sure. I think I will just make another batch of Kimchi and forgedaboudit for a while! πŸ˜‰

  5. I agree. My interest i sourdoughing comes and goes. eventually I get tired of having to take it out and feed it, pay attention to it, coddle it, sing lullaby’s, Then I give it away and a few years later try again. But this batch is so good, I have not gotten tired of it yet. Tiffany is ‘my precious!’ But I agree with the ‘dump Herman’ strategy for now. Try again another time, when you have gotten over the scars and disappointment.

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