This is the way we bake our bread…early in the morning.

Remember that rhyme in the “old days” that had you washing clothes on Mondays, ironing on Tuesdays and so on up to baking your bread on sat. and going to church on Sundays.? I had a record as a kid that had little rhymes on it and I can still hear the voice in my head singing “This is the way we wash our clothes, wash our clothes, wash our clothes, this is the way we wash out clothes, early Monday mor-nnig!”

Well, ironically, Saturdays have ended up really being my baking day. People used to bake on Saturdays so they would have fresh bread for Sunday dinner and because one just did not work on Sundays! Now I bake on Saturdays (and Sunday mornings early) as well, blistering heat and all. It just means planning so I am baking in the cool of the mornings.

Today’s haul is chocolate chip cookies, deluxe oatmeal raisin cookies with cranberries and coconut, chocolate brownie bite cookies, 3 loaves of banana Nutella bread (made with a dash of the leftover homemade applesauce I will be writing about next), 2 loaves of cinnamon raisin bread and lets see what else. I roasted the garlic and mashed the potatoes for garlic-rosemary-potato bread. I have some sourdough bread dough raising in the fridge. Tonight I will make my sweet dough and potato bread to store overnight in the fridge as well. Then in the morning, while still cool, bake the breads and pastries while whipping up a batch of gluten-free lemon blueberry cake.

It’s all about streamlining, baby.

GF lemon blueberry coffee cake

Monkey Bread