100 degrees & Jessica hash

Its 100 degrees here today.

Over 100 in some spots.

Life goes on hold around here in this heat. I know there is stuff I should be doing, but I am just waiting for it to be not quite so darn HOT!

Yes, I am sure this makes me  wimp in your eyes. Most of you that have to deal with real weather.

But one of the perks of living here with the crowds and the traffic and the incredible taxes and more crowds, our main perk and maybe our only perk, is clement weather!

We are a bunch of Goldilocks who want it just right! Not too cold, not too hot!

Summer is battling it out with fall for supremacy and fall is young and weak. It is no match for summers last hot breath. What happened to our ocean breezes? Where is the wonderful marine layer that protects us from the nasty heat and takes care of us? I guess summer noticed we were being neglected and with fall making head way in other parts of the nation, turned its attention to us.
Never fear, it will be back. Summer is having its last days. All fall has to do it bide its time and summer will be a vague memory that we all talk about whilst trying on new scarves and picking out new boots and sweaters.
Before you know it, it will be spring again.Because we here in SoCal do not have winter. Oh sure, if you go up to the mountains you will find plenty of it swirling about. But down here coastal way, it’s a long chilly fall followed by a chilly spring. Winter is so busy messing about with the rest of the country, its worn out by the time it gets down here and just puts on some sunglasses and sips mojitos by the pool.
On another note, our daughter dropped by today (I have more to write about our weekend together soon, when it’s not so hot) and made us a wonderful brunch made with sweet potatoes, fresh corn, onions, russets, herbs and spices and some sausage, all sautéed together. It was “Jessica hash” and I licked my plate. Oh but there was more. I poached the eggs for her and each plate full had 2 slightly overcooked poached eggs that were supposed to break up and make a delightful sauce over the whole shebang. It was still  lip-smacking stuff.
So, of course, I took pictures and look what happened? I could not have done this if I had wanted to in a million years…

Really, how cool is that? Jess dicing in la petite kitchen. Is she really moving so fast the camera can’t follow?

Jessica hash
cheater poached eggs. Used a large biscuit cutter to slide the eggs into for just a few moments, until the whites have settled in. Skillet, simmering water, Tbsp. vinegar.
There you go. Brunch. And it tasted even better because I didn’t have to make it. Oh sure, I helped a bit, but not much. See chives sprinkled on top? Yes, the picture is a little blurry. Sorry, I was so hungry I wanted to dig in!
Here is one of our summer sunsets, just last week I think. Time to let it go…
I just don’t know which shot I like better. I know a woman who keeps a scrapbook full of pictures of sunsets. No 2 exactly alike. Just sunset after sunset. You would think you would get tired of them, but I know I don’t.

5 thoughts on “100 degrees & Jessica hash

  1. Your daughter is a wonderful cook…so are mine, but we don’t share many meals together unless I go to stay with them. I like the tip for the poached egg…you would have thought that the chef that taught me how to cook in cert 2 and 3 of commercial cookery would have told me this short cut wouldn’t you! NOOOO I had to make them old school and fail abyssmally! (I think he was just a mean old chef don’t you?). What glorious sunsets. We are lucky in that it rarely gets up to 100F here either but when it does we lay low like brer rabbit and press our faces into the tiles because the humidity is HORENDOUS! Love the lightning quick shot of your daughter (or your snail slow reactions? not sure which is true! ;)). I hate the heat which is why I deserted my place of birth and moved as close to Antarctica whilst staying on the Australian map as possible! Cheers for another great post 🙂

  2. thank you both for your comments. We only get a few days of real humidity here a year, so we really cant complain. Not like it is down south. Of course that doesn’t stop me from complaining anyway. I hear about Australias incredible heat We have friends there in Melbourne. Yikes. Heat waves, fires, droughts…poisonous everything.

  3. That’s because I WAS moving too fast for the camera! I’m a hash machine!
    hope it’s gotten cooler for you down there so you can make lots more hash and think of me!

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