Recycled Apron


Thats the name my friend Dawn and I had for our little business of making new items from second-hand shirts and skirts found in thrift stores.

We had a big pile of them. First there were yoga mat bags. I will try to get a picture of them in here some time.

Then there were the aprons. Then teddy bears and grocery bag holders and …

I loved making the aprons. Usually I would take 2 complimentary shirts, mens having more fabric. I was so surprised to see how many colors mens shirts came in! So I would look for a large size, for more fabric to work with, plus in nice bright apronie colors. Then go look for a shirt to compliment it. All this while keeping an eye out for half price tags. Even thrift stores have their half price tags.

This particular apron was one of my favorites. It had these button tabs on the sleeves I cut off and added as decoration to the pockets.

2 old shirts-1 new apron

The red mens shirt I used for pockets and ties. I even added vintage buttons from my grandmas button can to the neck straps. I don’t have a picture of that yet. I will see if I still have the apron and get a snap of it sometime soon.

I really like the way I kept the front of the shirt intact, even adding a little red to the V at the top of the buttons. To make the pockets big enough, I had to extend the length with a bit of fabric from the back of the shirt, using more to line the back side of the apron.

Kind of cute, huh?





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