Janie and the grocery list

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Janet. She had a big brother, a little sister and an even littler brother. The other little sister was only a twinkle in her daddies eye yet.

She liked to be called Janie.

Janie and big brother Lenny when they were just little tykes.

Her mommy was a very busy woman with 4 small children and living in a rural area of Minnesota. So she sent her daughter, who was about 8 at the time, to the store for her. She gave her a list, the money and the ration card, all in an envelope for her to make it easy.

Janie took the envelope, and walked off to the store.

But somehow along the way, she lost track of what she was supposed to be doing…

And she mailed the envelope.

In a mail box.


With lead feet she went back to explain to her mom what she had done.

There was disbelief. There was yelling and there were tears.

Then mommy and Janie went out to the mailbox and waited for the mailman to come pick up the mail.

Now on one hand, it is against the law to tamper with a letter once it is mailed. NO TOUCHIE!

But on the other hand, once he opened the mailbox, they could both see the envelope, plainly not meant to be mailed.

He had a heart. The envelope was retrieved. And that, I am sure, was enough excitement for one day.



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