Crunchy Toasted Pumpkin seeds.

Our friend Celina carved this at the very last minute, when it was almost dark and we were (okay, I was) lamenting that we never got around to carving this huge pumpkin. So she got a pen, drew the design and carved away!

Well, it’s that time of year again. To me Halloween, or all Hallows eve, or the vigil of All Saints Day, take your pick, is the kick-off of the general holiday season. Before you know it, its Thanksgiving and you know what that means, Christmas is just around the corner and the new year is lurking in its shadows.
Where has the year gone?
For several years, we would go to go to my Aunts house where the kids would trick or treat and she would make chili spaghetti. I thought Chili spaghetti would be gross. Little did I know…I love chili spaghetti! I top it with grated cheddar. mmm cheese. (the image of a smiling Wallace just popped into my head.”Gromit, that’s it! Cheese! We’ll go somewhere where there’s cheese!” ).

So I suggest you cook up a pot of spaghetti and top it with some warmed up chili of your choosing and grate some cheese on top. Then sit back and watch ‘Nightmare Before Christmas” while tricksters beat down your door.

And for dessert visit Barbara Bakes website for this wonderful looking cheesecake with a spooky face:

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake for Halloween

Of course I did not get this written up in time, so you will have to try to remember this for next year.

Now that I don’t have a kitchen I don’t really want to make all this. I want someone else to make it and invite me over to eat it.

Well, I am waiting.

Hmm. (crickets in background)

Of course there are a thousand pumpkin recipes out there. I have a good one for pumpkin muffins. Pumpkin cheesecake sounds good too. Pumpkin bars? Soup?

Oh I know! Roasted pumpkin seeds. My favorite!!

Crunchy, salty, tasty

So here is how I do the seeds.

First, you get someone else to get the seeds out of the pumpkin, unless reaching in to a goopy slimy pumpkin is your kind of thing. Once the seeds are out, I put them in a colander to rinse them and pick out the pumpkin bits. If you are having your kitchen redone and you have no sink, stove, countertops, etc then you take them to the bathroom sink to rinse.

cleaning and picking pumpkin out of the seeds.

Next, you pat them dry a bit, although they will never get totally dry and will stick like the dickens to your towel. You just have to pick them back off. Pick-pick-pick.

Now, put them onto a baking sheet of some kind that has generously been oiled. I used a 9 x 13 baking sheet because I am using my outdoor portable roaster to bake these in and a baking sheet would not fit.

If you can, spread them in a single layer. I could not so will have to stir up every once in a while. A lot like making granola at this point. Add some salt.

I put the oven/roaster at 325 degrees. Then set the pan into it.

Now I will let it roast away outside, smelling wonderful. I will stir it with a spatula every now and then, adding some salt again, until it looks toasty and light brown.  Less than an hour.

Now I like to keep it simple, but it seems to me that if you can sprinkle salt on it, you could sprinkle other things as well, like Cajun seasoning or garlic salt or a pinch of cayenne. Just throwing it out there, not like I would do it.

Store them, once cooled, in an airtight dish.

Or eat them all…


6 thoughts on “Crunchy Toasted Pumpkin seeds.

  1. Hello Correna, nice to meet you. Yes, we are serious Dr. Who fans here. Son has a sonic screwdriver and painted the Tardis on kitchen wall on graffiti night. I love the photos on your site and will visit there more when I am awake, not drifting off like now.

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