Taco Chicken Cassarole

(Kitchen graffiti night will be on the next post)

Last night was All Hallows Eve and I tried a new dish for dinner from Stephanie at Plain Chicken. But more on that in a minute

Although my kitchen is torn out, I am determined to keep on keeping on making home cooked food for the family a majority of the time, and have been invited to share kitchens with friends and family as well. So it has not been too hard yet the whole 4 days this has been going on. We have stocked up on paper plates now, plastic cups and utensils. While it goes against my grain and everything I believe in to use disposable items like that, I realize in a pinch like this what a convenience it is to have them, especially when I am hunched over the bathtub washing dishes.

Look at it smiling at me…I’ve got quite the system for washing up. Just look twice before hopping into the shower!

Monday was a perfect storm of events here with both the kitchen being demo’d and hubby coming home with a U-Haul full of car parts that needed sorting and storing. What a week. We are going to be arm wrestling for space on the patio. (Hint: get your car parts off my patio cooking area!) We were so exhausted that first night that we were glad to go pick up some St. Georges Pizza, with wings and salad. Ah, to sit down and eat after hauling grimy heavy old Alfa Romeo parts.

One womans junk, another mans treasure. This was the light stuff, which really is mostly what they had me hauling. That and keep them supplied in ice water.
Shadows getting long, friends and neighbors gathering around to help or watch with interest. At one point there were a whole herd of men-folk gathered around chatting. Nothing like a little car grease to bring them out of the woodwork.

We no longer have a functioning washer either being as it was in the kitchen, so our grubby clothes will be staying grubby until I get to a laundry facility. (oh mommmm!)

But I have managed to squeeze a little space here and there. One for the rotisserie so we had organic air chilled rotisserie chicken the next night.

I know we will be eating out more, but I am trying to stagger it out for health reasons and not to overburden the old moth-eaten pocketbook.

The next night I actually went out and bought a couple of rotisserie chickens (2 nights in a row, who will notice?) but this time shredded one of them for this interesting looking casserole I found. (chucked the other one in the fridge for future shredding) Now some of my family is not overly fond of imitation Mexican food, but this they gobbled up no problem. And I could bake it in the same roaster I made the pumpkin seeds in (see last post). I just brought it in and set it on a folding table. The only hard part was the electrician was here working. That meant the electricity was out, like in much of the east coast right now. So I was trying to put the casserole together and it was quickly getting dark. He was working as fast as he could but eventually we were holding flashlights for him to work by and I had to stop the assembly since I could not bake it until I had power anyway. So we ate a little late, so what. So the trick or treaters were approaching a dark house with only a glowing pumpkin on the porch, big deal.

We were hungry and I was tired to the photo is not very good, but it really was delicious with a side of organic corn chips from Costco on the side. (trying to stay away from that gmo corn out there).

lighting is making it look all yellowy, partly because of all the cheese on top, partly due to poor photography. Okay, poor photographer who is not going to take the time to set up proper lighting when all we want to do is eat!

Here is the recipe:

Chicken Taco Casserole:

12 corn tortillas (I used a few more)

2 cans cream of chicken soup

1 1/2 cups sour cream

1 can Ro-tel, drained (oops, forgot to drain, still good though)

1 can black beans, rinsed and drained (them I did drain, in the bathroom sink)

1 packet taco seasoning

3 cup cooked, chopped chicken (half of a rotisserie chicken)

2 cups Mexican blend cheese (or in my case, half cheddar, half mozzarella)
Preheat oven to 350.  Lightly grease a 9×13-inch pan.

In a large bowl, combine the chicken soup, sour cream, Ro-Tel, black beans, taco seasoning and chicken.  Set aside.

Tear 6 (or so) corn tortillas and put them in the bottom of the pan.  Spread half of the chicken mixture over the tortillas.  Top with 1 cup of cheese.  Repeat with corn tortillas, chickeny stuff and more cheese.
Bake 30 minutes, until bubbly and cheese is starting to brown.

A nice Mexican salad would have been nice on the side, but it was not in the cards for last night. Instead it was a side of Snicker bars and lollypops. It was Halloween after all.

Someone goofing off while unloading engines. Have you ever tried lifting an engine? They did use the engine puller at one point. After that, sheer muscle power.

2 thoughts on “Taco Chicken Cassarole

  1. I feel for you! The first year of life on Serendipity Farm was spent ovenless. We cooked everything in a covered outdoor bbq…all through winter! Cakes… oven fries and our entire first Christmas dinner with duck fat potatoes was cooked in that bbq. We inherited a bit of money from my dad after that and decided to plow it all back into Serendipity Farm and did the work ourselves to conserve as much of said money as possible. Think no kitchen at all…a completely empty box with concrete cement on the floor with a small gas heater in the middle of the concrete cement floor and 2 dogs hogging the miniscule amount of heat that emerged. Freezing cold winter and no kitchen…closely followed by no bathroom and you have my total comiserations! I KNOW what you are going through! You certainly miss your kitchen a whole lot more when you realise just what you actually use it for! 🙂 Who cares what photos look like by the way…taco chook casserole is amazing 😉

  2. thanks, that is encouraging. We are just at the beginning of it all. But with a plug in portable roaster, a rotisserie, a barbecue with a round burner on one side, a microwave, a toaster oven and even an electric tea kettle, I think I can handle it. Makes me feel like a sissy compared to what you went through. While this would have been easier in summer, with late light, even here in autumn it is not as cold and wet as it would have been where you are. I remember in my young wild years going to a cabin with friends to ‘camp’ and found a river had run through it (and receded) there was no food or heat. It was cold and we only had boiled noodles to eat as the canned food that was there was all bulging. Now I try to imagine living there all winter, yikes. But you made it and look how beautiful your farm is looking now! I don’t know how long you have been there, but it is lush and lovely now.

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