Graffiti in the kitchen

Twas the night before demo…

and time to say good-bye to the old shabby kitchen. Good-bye to the stamped grape vines from 15 years ago. Good-bye to the smell of muffins wafting through the house.

For a while anyway.

So I thought it would be fun to have a graffiti night and paint the walls and cabinets. After all, they were all going to be torn down anyway.

So I dug out old bottles and tubes of paint, an assortment of brushes from all those years of homeschooling, bowls of water to clean brushes and paper towels.

I quickly found out it is harder than it looks and after a couple feeble attempts got frustrated and let the youngsters to at it.

Here are some of the results:

why, hello Ramirez! (sons cockaliel)

the feminine touch
Now that is kind of creepy

the next morning…

5 thoughts on “Graffiti in the kitchen

  1. Kyle says, “It looks so BIG now!” Well, yeah…when there’s nothing in it!

    Will the new layout be rearranged, or expanded, or are you simply replacing old with new? We are all eager to see the new and improved Mericle Kitchen. Go, Linda!

    And I think the idea of kitchen graffiti before demo is a marvelous idea. I think I might have painted bullseyes on certain parts of my kitchen… = )

  2. I love the bulleye idea. Wish I had thought of it. Sadly it is not being expanded but will be all new. Now floors, walls, dishwasher, counters, sink, lots more cupboard space and counter space for my baking. The contractor took into account my baking needs and appliances when planning. Hopefully it will be more space efficient. It has had the original kitchen from the 50’s and had rotten wood in the floors and window and needed to be done. It does look a bit bigger empty, but still smaller than a dining room to me. Still, one does the best one can with what one has. I am very excited as I have never had a brand new kitchen ever and cannot remember ever having a dishwasher. I will invite you all over to see it when it is ready to go!

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