Good news, bad news, bad news, bad….

I meant to write this on Wednesday, the day after the election, but it was my birthday and I didn’t want to think of unhappy dark things.

But now it’s Thursday.

On the one hand, we are no longer getting election junk mail. Thats the good thing. I could have wallpapered the coop with all those flyers. And no more robo-calls.

But now we have he-who-must-not-be-named in office for another 4 years.

Another 4 years of depression and darkness. Like in Narnia, always winter and never Christmas.

It is no wonder the stocks dropped dramatically the day after the election, worst day this year.

Every issue I voted for lost. Every issue I supported failed. Sheesh, I cant seem to get a political break here.

For example, the people voted and said, “Why yes, I would love for you to raise my taxes, thank you very much!” And so it shall be. What are they thinking, I ask you? Just put the name “schools” or “children” in front of a proposition to rob you of your money and people blindly think yep, that sounds good. Remember when the lottery was voted into place in California? They said the money would go to the schools. Thats how they got people to vote for it. The schools would be the winners and they would never be in want again.


The lottery is still going on. But where is the money? In the general fund, thats where. A clandestine midnight meeting where they decided “we need it more than they do” and poof, the schools are still ‘destitute’.

But we are suckers and keep voting for more taxes “to support our schools”. When will they stop holding our children’s education ransom?

And I would have thought that voting to eliminate political contributions from union dues would have been a no brainer, but nooo. We got to keep bribing politicians to help support our huge, swollen, beast of a union, however obsolete they are. And right out of your pocketbook, thanks.

Now what about the labeling of GMO foods? I knew that would not win. 1) it was not written well. 2) there was millions of dollars, millions thrown into the fray from frightened Monsanto, Dow, and other chemical companies as well as all the processed food companies that buy their products. There wasn’t a snowballs chance.

What I ask is “Why are we having to vote on this?” Did the FDA ask us if we wanted ingredient labels on food sold in America? No, of course not, they just said ‘do it’. Did they ask us to vote on whether or not to list nutritional information on the labels? Nope. But try to get labels on food products that contain genetically manipulated food that has dire or at the very least, questionable effects on our bodies and that of our children and suddenly we have to vote on it and the monster corporations squashed it flat.

This should not be a vote. It should be required. So raise your hand if you think the FDA is there to help and protect us anymore?

I could go on. About how the FDA is busy trying to stop small business’s by requiring them to comply with the same rules and regulations as huge corporate food producers.

Okay, I am stepping away from the soapbox.

See what happens when I don’t have a kitchen to mess in? I end up thinking about (gasp) politics!

On a better note, I had a lovely birthday, thank you family. I am flying out to see my Aunt in Alabama, at her B&B where she will have an oven ready to go for me. I will actually not be home when the kitchen here is done! What kind of karma is that? This surprise trip was planned ages ago when the new kitchen was just a twinkle in our eye.

So I will see you all when I settle into the deep south-take care now,

Love L


Okay, have a lovely day and I will bring my computer to ‘bamy to send pictures and posts from there.

love ya’


2 thoughts on “Good news, bad news, bad news, bad….

  1. I really love your “tell it like it is” attitude. You can stand on your soapbox any time you please and I will listen!! Enjoy your trip and I am looking forward to your new website. Have a great day!!!

  2. Make sure to let us know when you start the new site so we can bookmark it in our rss feed readers :). You may have lost out in your political voting but you CAN vote with your feet. If everyone who supported the vote to label GMO products stopped buying the well publicised brands that use them then they would be forced to use non GMO products to stay alive. Consumers don’t realise just how much power they still have. Vote with your feet folks…walk away from those products. Its not like you don’t have a LOT of choice in the USA! You win some…you lose some…we are stuck with a female head of state who can only be described as hell bent on our states wholesale selloff to the highest bidder…our illustrious countries leader is doing the same thing…selling off our land to China and to anyone else who wants a slice of the profits…all to keep their own political gains on the up. Again, we try to vote with our feet but there are people out there who vote the same ticket year… after year…after year…and they don’t think about what they are doing. I comiserate with you BUT every cloud has a silver lining…sometimes its better the devil you know? 😉

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