Mistletoe Bough visit: Day 3

Its sunny and crisp this morning. Well, not really cold inside so much. I was burrowed like a caterpillar in her cocoon in my bed last night and was very comfortable indeed.

Cousin Max staying warm.

I did not get up as early as I had planned. In fact I slept in again. Darn bed! But I still came down before the guests were eating. I had a chance to have a chat with them and found out that this couple and I were kindred spirits. (Anyone ever see Ann of Green Gables? You would know kindred spirits.) Melissa and her husband where very nice as are everyone I seem to meet here at the Inn.  Or in Alexander City for that matter.

But Melissa and I shared a special ‘simpatico’. Raw milk, chickens, homeschooling, Polyface farm, even blogging. It seems whatever one of us mentioned the other one also jumped at. I hope she and her nice husband Brad had a safe trip home. I know I kept them here pretty long chatting.

Did I tell you they raise chickens? And have a horse? And a farm?

Okay, I’m done.

Well, Aunties friend Jeanne came over early and set to ‘floofing’ the trees, and we all added more lights and put up ornaments. I tell you, when I get home and get out my stockpile, it is going to be a sad thing. I am going to look down at the pitiful 10 boxes of holiday decor and have to make a run to the Wal-Mart.

Going to Wal-Mart around here is a different experience than back home. You know those emails you get showing awful horrendous “Wal-Mart people”? Well, they don’t shop here. Around here the women don’t step out of the house unless the are ‘made up’ and ‘dressed smart’. My aunt mentioned this and I looked around while we picked up supplies. Sure enough, no women in sweatpants, no mini skirts on fat butts. They were all dressed nicely and had on their lipstick and mascara.

And we met all kinds of friends! We couldn’t go down an aisle without a big “hey Jo Ann!” coming from some friend or other. There was even the gentleman that stayed at the inn last night! Wal-Mart is like the watering hole in the African savannah. Sooner or later everyone turns up.

Talk about the things this store had that ours doesn’t! I have pictures of a couple of things. But what sent my heart racing (I am embarrassed to admit it) was the assortment of buttermilk.

Yes, buttermilk.

They had full fat, low-fat, no-fat. They had pint size and quart size. I am lucky if any store near me has any at all. And I can forget about having an assortment to pick from. Maybe I can choose from a half-gallon and a quart. I have never even seen full fat buttermilk or pint size. If you bake much, you will appreciate this news. I know whole books must have been written on baking with buttermilk. Crumb cake jumps to mind. Biscuits of course, sweet dough, bread, rolls. Oh, lets not forget ranch and blue cheese dressing!

What the heck? the very thought gives me the shivers
Look at all the things you can do with beets. Our Wal-Mart doesn’t have all this beet-variety. It must be a southern thing.

So we spent most of the day ornamenting and doing this and that around the house. I even got out my scrap booking and started getting that organized, once I found my lost bag of supplies.

Later in the day we took a spin by some old friends we had met before on previous trips. They had just moved into a bigger home, so they would have room for all their antiques. I think they would give Hearst castle a run for its money. Well, maybe not, but it was mighty large for just two people.  Let me show you some of the antiques and doo-dads I particularly liked.

Ed and Elna’s 3 level house house
Ed n Elna, a truly southern genteel couple
this was in a nook of in their huge kitchen
Some of the dolls Mz. Elna grew up with.
Ed collects these type of glass antiques called ‘epergne’ (I learn something new every day)

I have lots more pictures but I think you get the idea

Phillip remembers Eds baked apples best. I remember his bringing his “Hay-why-an” cake made with pineapple that was delicious. Ed is the cook in the family.

Back at the ‘toe we had shrimp scampi. No pictures since it is a rerun. Tomorrow we are heading to Montgomery so I will take plenty of pics for you.

Oh, I almost forgot. Have any of you heard of Sister Schubert? Of sister Schubert’s rolls? She is a bit of an icon around here, being a hometown girl. I have seen her rolls for sale in the frozen food section in California, so I know her name gets around. She is famous for her bread and rolls. No, she is not a nun. She is a Christian woman who goes to a church that, around here, calls each other ‘sister’ and ‘brother’. I would be sister Linda. Anyway, my aunt was at a Bed and Breakfast Association seminar and Sister Schubert was one of the guest speakers. My dear aunty, who loves me best, bought and had signed to me! her book “cast your bread upon the waters” a baking book full of recipes for her rolls, breads, desserts, dinners and more. I can’t think of many other things that give me the tingles like getting a new baking or cook book. And here I just got the newest Pioneer Woman cookbook for my birthday too. I am in food-hog heaven!

Well, I am off now. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Lets talk tomorrow.

Love, Linda


2 thoughts on “Mistletoe Bough visit: Day 3

  1. Another lovely post from the South :). The son and heir has decided that his imported Texan sweetie is “the one” and now they are jumping through hoops to get her to be able to stay here down under. I must admit, my opinion of Americans has swung upwards since I met her 🙂 Maybe they could make her the Ambassador for the south? She certainly has done more for Texas than Steve’s hog and alligator wrangling television shows ;). Again, thank you for sharing your aunts lovely home/inn and a little bit of the genteel south. We can’t even get buttermilk ANYWHERE in Australia. If we want it…we have to make it. That is part of why I spend so much time trawling the net to work out how to make staple ingredients that I see on all of the American food blogs that I hoard 😉

  2. Well, so much for my plans to migrate to Tasmania! No buttermilk is a scandal you poor little thing. I guess you would have to settle for dehydrated through mail order.

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