Photo Theme of the month: Holidays of yor

It is almost Thanksgiving at the time I am writing this post. I am feeling nostalgic for old Christmas photos.

This one is of me and my mom. I, obviously am very excited about my new bike. I remember learning to ride it, as it was my first try at a real two-wheeler. My knees were a disaster that summer. I rode, fell, rode, fell rode, fell some more. I do remember once, while riding and still new at it all, that I was heading straight for a fence that scared me silly, too much for me, I closed my eyes and hollered! When I opened my eyes, I was riding down the street. I will never understand that one, unless my guardian angel decided enough was enough and intervened.

I love that dress and pink sandals!

Little Linda and her mom

Now don’t blame me for that funky aluminum tree. If you look, you can see the colored light device that would spin and cast a green or blue or red glow on the tree. I actually saw some colored aluminum trees last year. Back to the darkness from whence you came! But I guess at the time, they were very cool, hip and so on.

Now send me your Holiday pictures. Dig them out of dusty boxes or our of the old fragile photo albums, scan them in and email them to me with a little story about it.


2 thoughts on “Photo Theme of the month: Holidays of yor

  1. I am loving your new blog and the idea of sharing stuff. I am not sure if I can find any oooooooooold photos of Christmas. I will certainly look through my stuff, though. Maybe I can find my Christmas bicycle in front the aluminum tree. Can you believe I have a picture like that, too? Must have been a 60s thing.

    1. really? That would be pretty funny. Maybe we could reach across America and find all the ‘bikes with aluminum tree’ photos.
      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ol’ friend.

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