A day in Montgomery

Hello and here we are with day 4 of visiting Alabama. Today we went to the state Capitol, Montgomery. It was a very historic visit with marble pillars, fire ants and a trolley tour.Let me explain.

No, that would be too long.

Let me sum up.

At the old railway station in Montgomery there is a tourist center that has a trolley to take tourists around, describing the historical sights. The man who ran our trolley spoke ‘hickish’ with such a southern accent I could only catch the gist of what he meant. But he was very nice. He went off the route to drop us off at a place to pick up some lunch. Mind you, we were the only ones on the trolley.  So he was pretty accommodating. Then he said something using words like ’30 minutes’, ‘hour’, ‘route’. We had a southern lunch that was your average southern quick lunch and then had to try to figure out what he might have meant and when we might get picked up.

So we walked to where my Aunt was sure he would come to…eventually…we hoped.

And we waited.

We played I spy and laughed ourselves silly because I didn’t know how to play it right. and Aunty found a fire ants nest and stomped on it to show me what how they reacted. She hates fire ants with a passion. One too many of the little devils has bit her and she will wreck her revenge on their entire species. They are the ultimate illegal immigrants.

We still waited and noticed how this one big building was called the “Renesant” and she thought is was supposed to be Renaissance and they just spelled it wrong.

We talked about walking back on our own. I suggested getting an ice cream across the street, but we were sure the trolley would come just as we were getting our cones. I told her I would go get them and she would have to throw her body in front if it if the trolley actually did show  up but I was beginning to think the whole thing was a figment of our imaginations when suddenly…

There he was, rolling up in his little red trolley.

So we boarded, still alone but for one young woman I took to be his daughter sitting behind him. This time he showed us around the old town district to relocated old buildings, the courthouse, Dr. King Jr’s house and church,  a Hank Williams museum and so on. I got a few pictures that did not turn out blurry, so you can get a glimpse…

start your day with a good breakfast…
fire ant nest, a nasty piece of work.
apply foot to fire ant nest, then jump back and watch them scurry. We never lose the fascination. Besides, we were bored.
Courthouse, maybe.
This used to be a local tavern
Dr. Kings home
Some beautiful trees saying howdy
There is a capped well under this fountain. Here is where people used to gather to have slave auctions.
Here is a playhouse where the infamous John Wilkes Boothe once played. No, it’s not the theater Lincoln was shot in.
Here is the train station. There is still one track back there where there used to be at least 6 in the bustling time before automobiles.

I wish I had gotten some pictures at the waterfront. The tracks were right by the first docks in Montgomery where the first steamboat came to call. there was still the ramp where the wagons full of bales of cotton used to roll. Somehow I missed those river photos.

Who doesn’t love reliving the history of these old towns. It is fascinating for sure. When we were done there it was time to hit some stores for ornaments, then head on to the movie theater where we went to see “Cloud Atlas”. We wanted to see Lincoln but they had some sorry excuse that it wasn’t out yet.

The movie had an all star cast with Halley Berry, Tom Hanks, whats-his-name and Susan Sarandin and so on.

The photography was beautiful, the acting great. And if you see it, please explain it to me because we just didn’t get it. We left the theater bewildered and still can’t even agree on what it was trying to say or be about. There were 5 or 6 stories going on at the same time, following a similar line of plot or maybe  not or…and they had almost 3 hours to try to tell us the story.

There was only one other couple in the theater with us and Auntie asked what they thought and in their southern twang they replied “That was awful!”

We all laughed though. Then, since it was 8 o’clock by now, we went to Mimi’s for some great onion soup.

And we didn’t hit any deer driving home, thank you very much Auntie.

Here is the link to the recipe for the maple twists.



3 thoughts on “A day in Montgomery

  1. It sounds like you are having a really good time with your aunt :). Cheers for the twists recipe and for the history lesson. We only read about what you get to wander through 🙂

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