Grandma Wilsons Aprons


The first morning of my visit to my Aunts B&B in Alabama, I got to meet with the first of all kinds of nice people I met while I was there. At breakfast I found myself talking bread with a gentleman named Curt and we talked flour and sourdough and croissants. It’s not often I can find someone who cares enough about baking to go on like that and not have their eyes glaze over. Next thing I knew, the breakfast room was empty but for us crazy bakers. Guess we drove them all away.

Well, in the course of the conversation I mentioned my ‘thing’ with aprons and how I would like to share aprons with everyone. I want to showcase people’s aprons, their homemade ones, their old workhorse ones, their old granny ones.

Well, wouldn’t you know, but Curtis had recently found an old box that belonged to his wife, Wendy’s grandmother. Her name was Lucile Wilson from Hogansville Georgia. She has passed on, but left behind all these nice aprons. So he hung them up on the wall leading downstairs to the basement family room. (I think it was a family room, or was it a guest room? Or a game room? whatever….)

He hated to see them closed up and forgotten in a box and I feel for you there. Look at these…

Now this looks quite vintage.
Do you think she bought this to wear? Or just for her collection? It still has the tag and is not as old looking as some of the others.


See how feminine this looks.

thanks Curt and Wendy for sharing with us!


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