Downton Abby-Sybil..WHAT???



Okay, I am taking a break from my writing break to ask…


just what is up with Sybil dying in childbirth? Did you see that coming?

At first I was just in shock. Then I boo-hooed through the entire rest of the episode. I even looked up eclampsia afterward.

Dave knew. As soon as the other doctor came in. As soon as the doctors had a disagreement he saw the writing on the wall. But really,

So they threw the old family doctor a bone finally. After getting pretty much every diagnosis wrong in every other episode, now he has to be right and Lord Grantham doesn’t trust him. Well quite frankly, I wouldn’t either. But still, better safe then sorry in this case. And I find it hard to believe that such a renown childbirth doctor would cast away the signs of the illness, even after a urine test. Thats a little hard to believe. Then the doctors just stand there while Sybil dies and the family wails, calling to her to breathe.

Gasp. What a night. Paul, our 15-year-old, actually watched an episode with us last night. “Oh great. Wouldn’t you know this happens when I finally watch an episode.” He was sitting next to me on the couch and I think his hair was awash with my tears.

And Lady Grantham, hello, of course she is going to blame her husband. In these circumstances you have to blame someone and even he had to admit he was partially at fault. So he will be living in a very expensive dog house for the rest of the season, if not their lives. I have to quote here a little snippet from an article by Meredith Blake in the LA times:

“Cora turns on her husband almost immediately, kicking him out of the marital bed and blaming Sybil’s death on his and Sir Philip’s interference, marking perhaps the first time ever that  I am 100% Team Cora. While something tells me she and Grantham will eventually work things out, I am far less certain that  Branson will forgive and forget. At the moment he’s overwhelmed by grief, but that Irish temper is sure to return with a vengeance, and if he’s ever had a justifiable reason to resent the Crawley family, it’s now. In other words, Carson better make sure all the smoke detectors at Downton Abbey have fresh batteries.” Boo-ya.

The whole baby thing overshadowed the rest of the episode. How Daisy has become a hateful bee-otch. how Mrs. Crawley, mother of Mathew, is trying to save Edith, the ho, from a life of depravity, and what are we going to do now with the chauffeur, father of the child? And what is the baby to be named?


I know women died in childbirth quite a bit. It has always been a risky business. But what a nasty shock this was.

I also am more sympathetic about the doctor than I might seem. I mean, no x-ray machines, no antibiotics, no nothin’. At the beginning of the 1st season he was a simple country doctor making do with what they had back then. Squat basically. So wrong diagnosis was probably pretty common I imagine.

Then too, I suspect Lady Mary Crawley was seeking out and using some kind of birth control. Remember one episode recently where Mathew comments that he saw her leaving the doctor’s office and what was up? She brushed it off with a ‘nothing’ attitude, but I am suspicious, now that he is worried about his sperm count and all, if she is not afraid to have babies and is sneaking some kind of 1920-something birth control. After all, the doctor Mathew was talking to was not the family doctor and would not know if she was using or not. Only time will tell. If you have seen it already and know (Jessica) don’t tell me, I want to find out the hard way, with time to think about it and change my mind 50 times before next Sunday night.

Until then good-bye dear friends and let us mourn poor Sybil.


One thought on “Downton Abby-Sybil..WHAT???

  1. E Tu Brute?!!! It would seem that Britain rules the America’s all over again! They incidiously inserted themselves back into your affections with Downton Abbey and suddenly everyone is raving about it. I haven’t watched it…having seen “upstairs downstairs” back when it was made the first time and not having the time to get addicted to soap operas, even well made British ones. What happened to your Dr Who addiction? “Dr. Who?”…lol! I guess it gives you guys something to do in your winter 🙂

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