GMO’s and the FDA

My first one is about GMO salmon that the article says, should be on your table by 2014. Read about this development with this little article from Forbes:

I used to think, ah back in my young naive days, that the FDA was there to lovingly protect us, watching diligently over our food supply, making sure people where giving us what they say they were giving us. That beef is beef, not horse. That bread was not full of chalk, that milk wasn’t full of water, etc. They required labeling and, I assumed, someone watched to make sure the labels where accurate. And I am not going to knock all the fine work they have done over the past decades, no sir.

But now I have to say, I am disillusioned. I wont go on here, because this is not a regular post. For now you can read for yourselves what the FDA is saying about GE animals.

Don’t miss the part where they discuss why GE animals don’t need to be labeled in the “FDA’s Response to Public Comments” section.

Be sure to review the Q&A section too, even though I am pretty certain they made up the questions themselves, because I sure don’t see the ones I would have been asking. Except maybe this one:

Q: Are there GE animals in the food supply?

A: FDA has not approved any GE animals for food (or for any other purpose). (wonder if this still applies in 2013?)

Read all about it here:

FDA website

Keep in mind, all these articles are from 2009 or before. Who knows what has been going on since then?


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