Sunshine, chimes and broody hens

I went out this afternoon to collect eggs. I found 2 under the ‘bunny hutch’ and 3 inside it, in the loft. I went to get the rest under the coop, but one of the ladies was sitting there in their favorite nesting spot, laying an egg I presumed.

It was a lovely peaceful kind of day. The air was fresh from morning rain. I hadn’t heard about the bombing in Boston yet. I impulsively planted myself in a patio chair out on the lawn. The sun warmed my head. I let the hens out and they were excitedly pulling grass and slurping it up like spaghetti.

The cat showed up and rubbed against my legs, going back and forth, back and forth, and the wind chimes were ringing behind me. Kitty stopped and enjoyed the sun on his head. Wind rustled the grass that is always too long.

Kitty jumped up on the chair next to me and we enjoyed the sun together. Now our visiting Corgie, Wendy, showed up. She sat under my chair and watched the grass rustle. No wait, she was watching the chickens. They were also keeping one eye on her. They began to wonder afar. “That grass looks good. Oh wait, that grass looks better, oh wait…”

One thing about Corgies, they like to herd. They are definite herders. I saw Wendy twitch, then I saw she was gone. Next thing I know there is squawking and running, the hens picked up their skirts and high-tailed it to the safety of the gate, without going all the way in the pen. (they may be dumb, but not that dumb.) Wendy’s tongue was lolling in her mouth and she was grinning, making sure they stayed together. Then she came back to sit down, whilst a nervous bunch of hens started back in with the grass and bugs. Scratch-scratch, peck-peck, ooo a yummy bug…

But that gold hen was still under the coop! That’s odd. I looked again and she growled at me. I pushed aside her fluffy butt and found some eggs. I got pecked for it. So it was a game of grab an egg or two, get pecked, get a couple more, get pecked. She was sitting on 13 eggs! Holy-moly! They were all warm. She would sit on them till kingdom come because, with no rooster, these things aren’t ever hatching. I imagine she would give up after a few weeks, but I’m not waiting around to find out.

Okay so I don't have a recent picture with Wendy. I was enjoying the moment. But its all harmony and roses around here.
Okay so I don’t have a recent picture with Wendy. I was enjoying the moment too much to look for a camera. But its all harmony and roses around here.

Sometimes you just got to stop and enjoy where you are.

Cats and dogs and hens and sun and chimes and grass and peace.

And 18 eggs total.


3 thoughts on “Sunshine, chimes and broody hens

  1. The most beautiful moments take you by surprise. You have to keep your ears and eyes open to the gifts God sends. Our world will try to drown out the beauty with it’s noxious noise, but be silent and listen and you will be blessed.

  2. That sounds great. I do relate. But it’s me and the pups mooshoo and Charlie and Tom. The turkey! We sit on the deck and enjoy the sunset!

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