Chooks have a way of rearranging a garden

Well, I have no one to blame but myself. (Not that that will stop me from tossing blame around anyway.)

I went to collect eggs and let the chooks out for a stretch. They immediately started gobbling up the grass right outside the pen door. The grass is lush and has some seed heads showing. Yum-yum-yum!

Then I went about my business.

Hours later I looked outside and realized I had left the hens to wander around the yard! E gads! What was I thinking!

They had taken it upon themselves first of all, eat all the snapdragon flowers.

Then in an effort to take a dirt bath, decided it was time to dig up some of the plants, now that they had no flowers on them anyway.

I am sure they were just trying to save me the trouble of digging them up myself. But I was a wee-bit ticked off when I found them at it. Just the day before this scene was one of red and white and pink snapdragons.

IMG_1515 (1024x765)

Now it just the remnants of some of the plants. Oh, I think I see a squashed pansy there too.

IMG_1519 (1024x765)

Here are the culprits. See this one giving me the evil eye? They are all checking out my hands to see if there is food in them. Some scratch? A corncob or two? Maybe an apple core? Or their favorite, a bowl of yogurt!? Sorry ladies, you must be full after eating all those snaps!

IMG_1521 (1024x765)

Betty Boop is the only non-accomplice. She is too bewildered to know what is going on let alone participate. And she could not have jumped even the littlest fence I had around the flowers. She just gets excited when all the other hens leave. That means she gets all the food to herself and some quiet space. I hear ya’ Betty!

IMG_1523 (765x1024)Of course this is what is it all about ultimately anyway. Getting some eggs. Is it cheaper to do it this way? No way! You could go buy the most expensive, gold star, organic eggs for yourself, paying top dollar, and still save money instead of raising your own hens. It’s just more fun this way. Plus you dont have to keep running to the store.

At least its fun until they are left alone to rearrange your garden. Now I remember why the tomato plants are not in the back yard.

I am in the process of putting in more permanent bushy plants that they will most likely leave alone. At least so far. Like the lavender, which will get big. (I hope).

IMG_1517 (1024x765)You got the jump on me this time girls. But I’ve got my eye on you now!


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