Simple Old Fashioned Green Beans

IMG_0624Here is a pretty basic recipe for fresh or frozen green beans. Not for canned. You know what you can do with canned green beans? Nothing. Toss them in the trash and don’t ever make the mistake of buying them again.

But otherwise, these make a healthy and tasty side dish. Green bean season is almost, if not already here. This picture might be from when we grew them last year. You should cut them into bite size pieces though.

Tasty Green Beans


  • Yield: 4 Servings

A simple and tasty green bean side dish.



  1. Fry the bacon until just crisp. Take out of the pan and set on paper towel. Keep the bacon fat in the skillet.
  2. If you are using fresh green beans: Boil some water in a saucepan, about 2 cups of water. Drop green beans in boiling water, put the lid on and simmer/steam about 5 minutes. You might do this while the bacon is cooking.
  3. If you are using frozen green beans, just rinse them until thawed. Drain the water off.
  4. Saute the diced shallot (or onion) in the bacon fat. Add the garlic for the last minute. Now add the green beans and saute for just a few minutes, until the beans are hot and crisp tender.
  5. Crumble up the bacon and toss into the beans. Add some good salt like Himalayan pink salt or fresh ground garlic salt. Serve up!

One thought on “Simple Old Fashioned Green Beans

  1. I can’t see the jump for the recipe on the main page — but this does sound simple and delicious. The perfect side. And I see we’re still using up our bacon leftovers 😉
    (just kidding — there are never bacon leftovers)

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