Trader Joes Brown and red rice and barley side dish to die for

Okay, maybe not technically to die for. Sticky Toffee Pudding cake is to die for. But this, as a side dish, is pretty lip smacking. And Trader Joes does most of the work.

Here I am, slowing trying to convert my typical American diet to a more nourishing old-fashioned diet. It takes time. I figure by the time I’m too old to remember my own name, I should be eating pretty darn healthy. In the meantime, its baby steps. (She said as she sips her cherry water. 75% water, 25% pure cherry juice. Good, I hear, for pains, like arthritis. Never mind that I don’t have arthritis. I think. What is my name again?)

I know there was more to this post when I wrote it in my head earlier, but with “Back to the Future” blasting in the background I just can’t find the thoughts.

So I will get right to the food.

Rice, turmeric, garlic, bacon
Rice, turmeric, garlic, bacon, shallot and garlic salt.Oh, that egg in the background? He’s just watching. He’s not going in the dish. That would make it fried rice. Hmm.

I never would have picked this up. I am a list person. Put things on my list and try not to deviate.

Hubby is definitely not a list person. He is a ‘cruise every aisle’ person. At a recent trip to Trader Joes, he wandered the aisles and look what he brought back: From the freezer section, a box with a medley of brown and red rice and barley. Just plain rice and barley. Good for soups, stews, side dishes. It comes with 3 bags. Just to be careful I made one. ‘Made one’ really means just heating it up but I wanted to snazzy it up a little. Well, what do I have on hand?

A shallot. Yes, I could dice some of that up. Ohh, we just bought some bacon. So I could cook up a couple of slices, crumble it and saute the rice in the bacon fat. (Okay, so it’s a 99% healthy side dish.)

diced celery and bacon
diced celery and bacon
Did someone say garlic?
Did someone say garlic?

Bacon, shallots, more bacon. Okay, a little turmeric, just because it’s good for you even if it doesn’t contribute much taste. Dice up some celery and sauté with shallots. Let’s not forget garlic of course. And some garlic salt too. So that’s what I did and it turned out easy, quick and we practically licked the plate.

IMG_1669 (1024x860)
Brown rice, red rice and black barley. With a few of my own add ins. Oh, that’s just some mashed sweet potatoes and a thin rib-eye steak.

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