Cherry Turnovers, with Phylo dough

This is not really a recipe. It is just a way to assemble turnovers with ingredients already made.

But it was a quick and easy breezy snack to make. (Humbly I admit to eating 3). (Over a 2 day period.) (But who’s counting.)

Anyhow, it all started, as many tales do, in Trader Joes. There, in the freezer section was something I was not expecting to see! Phyllo dough. A memory crept out of the dark recesses of my bakers brain. Phyllo? Baklava, right?Anything else? Prosciutto and phyllo wrapped asparagus too.

So I picked some up, for future use. Stuck it in the freezer at home.

Every time I went to use it, it seems I forgot it needed to be thawed out overnight in fridge or 5 hours at room temp. But I usually don’t plan that far ahead!

Then for some reason that escapes me at the moment,  I needed to open  jar of cherries.I had 2 kinds and wouldn’t you know, I had to open both kinds to find out which I needed to use. My friend Julie had given me a jar of pie filling and I had a jar of Morello cherries from Trader Joes. Well, it turned out for the pastry I was  making the Morellos were just what I needed. But now here I was with opened cherry pie filling. Oh darn. Now I have to bake something cherry.

Phyllo dough and cherry pie filling.

Oh yeah!

So I looked up a few recipes that really were not recipes at all and here is what I came up with.More of an assembly  than a recipe.

You need some store bought Phyllo dough, thawed. And you need some cherry pie filling.

You also either need some Ghee or to melt your own clarified butter. Which is pretty easy you might say. I will tell  you below. (ok, I will now)

Most recipes have you working with 1 sheet of phyllo at a time. It’s like working with dough so thin, I think of the weavers from the story “The Emporers New Clothes” when the tailers were pretending to thread needles with invisible thread.  Its so thin I almost couldn’t feel anything in my fingers. It was so fragile, it broke easily. So I worked with 2 thin sheets at a time.

So, I lay the 2 sheets on a large cutting board. Brush with melted and clarified butter and sprinkle with sugar. Lay another 2 sheets over that and brush with butter, sprinkling with sugar.

Now cut down the middle of the pastry sheets, longways. You will have 2 long sheets about 3 1/2″  wide. You put a largish dollop of cherry pie filling toward the bottom and to one side.

Now dredge up your boy scout/girl scout training on the folding of American flags.

Fold over the bottom left corner up to line up with the right side. This will give you a triangle bottom, with the cherry pie filling inside.

B;ob of cherry pie filling near bottom of phyllo.
Blob of cherry pie filling near bottom of phyllo.
Fold corner to edge, then up, then left, etc.
Fold corner to edge, then up, then left, etc. The Phyllo feels like paper.

Now fold the triangle up. When you are at an end,tuck in the last edge somewhere, butter the top and sprinkle with some more sugar.

they look kind of soggy here. But it is just more clarified butter and a sprinkle of turbinato sugar.
they look kind of soggy here. But it is just more clarified butter and a sprinkle of turbinado sugar.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Maybe I should have mentioned this earlier. (It is supposed to be close to 100 degrees out today, so there is no way I’m turning on this oven! And I need to make some granola, ack!)

Once the oven is heated and all the turnovers are…folded up and turned over, pop them in and bake for about 30 minutes give or take. Check them and when they are browning on top, they are done. You can bake them to a varying degree of brown. I could tell when they were golden and cherry juice was leaking out of some.

IMG_1719 (1024x765)
A sprinkling of powdered sugar on top makes them prettier. Powdered sugar covers a multitude of sins and I keep a shaker of it handy to top all kinds of things.

For looks, I might give them another 5 minutes of browning next time. For flavor, they can’t be beat. Its light, crispy, even the next day, not doughy or too sweet. As it is I only made a half batch and refroze the rest of the dough for another day. Puff pastry would work here too, but I imagine with less folding.

If you are not fold of cherry pie filling, use any filling of your choice. It’s all the same.

***HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN CLARIFIED BUTTER: Just take a cube of butter and melt it slowly in a small saucepan. Some of the better solids will sink, some will float. The golden stuff in the middle is what you are looking for. Skim off anything on the top and pour off the golden clear part, the oil. It will not burn as easily as plain butter because the dairy part is gone. Thats the part that burns. I also use this method when I am making homemade english muffins. When I fried english muffins in oil, they came out pale and icky. When I fried them in clarified butter, they came out golden and crisper. (crispier?)

Enjoy. (and stay out of the heat. I am taking my mom out to the Natural History Museum today and then lunch at Yang Chows in downtown LA. I hope all the AC systems are working.)


2 thoughts on “Cherry Turnovers, with Phylo dough

    1. Thank you Penny for pointing that out. I have corrected it now. Its nice to see an old post still being read. I reread it and remembered the day with my mom, who has since passed away. I hope you make some cherry turnovers and enjoy them.

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