Los Angeles Natural History Museum and Yang Chows

Today was Mothers Day, Part ll. Mom and I braved the 100 degree plus weather and the horrific I-5 Freeway. Nothing would deter us in our quest for dino bones and gem stones. And slippery shrimp.

Why, hello North American Bison!
Why, hello North American Bison!

The Los Angeles Natural History Museum is one of my favorites. Large dark, quiet rooms with lit displays of stuffed animals, birds, plants. Well, the plants probably weren’t stuffed. I saw things I have never seen there before. Endless rooms with birds of all kinds, hands on exhibits in the upstairs kids area. Lots of deer stuck up on the walls.

The look on her face says "get me away from these noisy kids"
The look on her face says “get me away from these noisy kids”

There is one other thing I don’t remember. Bus load after bus load of yelling, hollering and screaming students.

I guess this officially marks me as  crossing that great divide between parent and oldtster.

Parents tend to tune out the noise, seeing it as kids having a good time. Being let loose, setting them free among educational displays.

Oldsters want quiet contemplation. They want room to move around without being jostled by a kidlet. They want to enjoy the show.

And really, I don’t remember our children’s groups being so noisy back in the day (just a few years ago). I did see some smaller groups, perhaps families or home school groups, that seemed to be more self-contained. But the general masses were running  amok like a bunch of natives in a King Kong movie.

Wheres the respect? Just before snapping the picture of mom in front of Mr. Polar Bear, some four boys were looking to see if the bear still had his genitals.

Pumba! What happened?
Pumba! What happened? Where’s Timon?

Thank the Lord for AC! Some of the rooms were quite chilly with it. I tried to soak it into my bones, to arm myself for the afternoon trip home.

Have a little gold...and a little more...
Have a little gold…and a little more…
There were so many jaw droppingly beautiful stones and gems, I didn't think to take pictures very often.
There were so many jaw droppingly beautiful stones and gems, I didn’t think to take pictures very often.


Hellaphants and woosles...are very...unusualls...
Hellaphants and woosles…are very…unusualls…

The heat must be seeping into my brain. No, thanks for asking, I do not have central air. But I can’t really complain. Its cooling off this evening and there is a box AC in the bedroom. I am just comfortable at my desk. Sweaty, but comfortable.

And out of granola. How am I going to make more granola? I am not turning on the oven! We will just have to wait it out. Actually it’s so hot, I could probably make a solar oven and bake some granola in there. Hey, my youngest was a boy scout for years! I wonder…

Well, just up the infamous LA freeway of doom, right in China Town, is a restaurant called Yang Chows. First, once you find this little hole in the wall,( and you better have a guide or you will never find it,) you have to snake your car in between 2 tall buildings into a small back lot. Then the ‘valet’ who is actually Houdini reincarnated, magically takes your car away and somehow squeezes it into a space with all the other magically parked cars. Maybe the lot is bigger on the inside? I think he somehow stacks them when we aren’t looking.

Then you go inside and usually wait to be seated. In fact, when it opens at 11:30, there is the customary line forming out front. Workers from the downtown area and Chinese alike visit here. But we got there later and were seated right away. They are known for the ‘slippery shrimp’ which is a crusty coated shrimp with a sweet and peppery sauce poured over it. I cannot imagine how many shrimp these people must buy every day! Every table is laden with slippery shrimp. And soup or noodles or rice or duck or …

Lunch for me, supper for the rest of the family tonight.
Lunch for me, supper for the rest of the family tonight. See the slippery shrimp in the upper left corner.

The food is served family style, as you can see. They have lunch specials too for individuals. The soups come for 2 or 4. Too bad it’s all the way up in LA. Geographically, it is not very far. But throw traffic into the mix and it may as well be in another state. In fact, CA is really just several little states lumped together. The state of San Fransisco, the state of Los Angeles, the state of San Diego. With satellite states hovering around their perimeters. I would be in the state of OC.

Scarves I didn't buy, but admired.
Scarves at the museum I didn’t buy, but admired…longingly.

So other than a headache from the heat and yelling children, we had a memorable and fun day. Slippery shrimp has a way of erasing lifes little annoyances. I am sure dinosaur bones and bison will be fondly remembered.

Happy Moms day mom!


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