Sauteed Spinach, or Spinach Saute? Its whats for breakfast

I have one weird son. He loves liver and onions and he loves spinach. So, weird in a healthy way. That’s okay. You got to love him.

One of his favorite breakfasts is a spinach saute. You should see his eyes light up when he finds out I’m making spinach. This last Saturday I was in the mood to ‘do’ breakfast. So I baked some bacon, fried up some sausage, had some eggs on stand-by and made some of what I call Jessica Hash. That is where I dice peeled sweet potatoes, some red potatoes and onions that I saute up in coconut or olive oil. Then I add fresh herbs, salt and seasonings, frozen corn, whatever I have on hand, and fry until tender. Now for true Jessica hash you should add some poached eggs on top. But for today it was just the hash.

Then sonny-Jim asks about spinach.

This is a hearty breakfast plate! Can mom do breakfasts or what?
This is a hearty breakfast plate! Can mom do breakfasts or what?

“Why yes, I do happen to have some spinach growing legs in the fridge.” But I look at the stove covered in dirty skillets already. It was tempting to say no.Then I thought, what the heck, why waste good spinach. Here is someone who actually is begging for his spinach. What kind of mother would I be if I just said “NO! No spinach for you! Just eat a donut and leave me alone”.

Spinach is so easy to make because it takes about a nano second to cook down. It is really a matter of raiding the fridge and seeing what  you have to go with it.

IMG_1723 (1024x765)
sautéed shallots, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes in bacon fat. (I can feel my grandma smile at that. She always kept a can of it by the stove. Yep, not even refrigerated.)

If it is not already pre-washed in bags, you will need to wash-wash-wash again. Spinach is grown in sandy soil and is the very dickens to wash. I cut the root area off and put the leaves in a bowl of water, swishing it around and rinsing. Swish and rinse. Some of the longer stems I pinched off.

Now for the add ins.

Bacon is always nice. A slice or two, cooked and crumbled. Then cook everything else in the bacon fat. Sausage would work. Or skip the meat. (In this house? I don’t think so.)I happen to not only have some cooked bacon, but in the recesses of the fridge I was hiding a jar of bacon fat from organic bacon I had cooked a bit back. (Waste not want not.)

There was a shallot, here was a clove of garlic and how about this jar of sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil? Yum! I diced them up. I added some pepitos. All this I sautéed in the bacon fat. Then added the spinach, bacon bits, seasonings like salt, pepper and turmeric (He wants turmeric in just about everything, because he knows its good for him.)

Spinach with turmeric thrown in.
Spinach with turmeric thrown in. Turmeric is very yellow gives everything a golden glow. But it doesn’t really leave a taste. Not one I can define. Maybe I need to use more.

Before you can blink the spinach is wilted and everything is melded together. Slide it onto the plate with some eggs, hash or what have you.

Badda-bing! It's wilted down to nothing. A tasty healthy nothing.
Badda-bing! It’s wilted down to nothing. A tasty healthy nothing.

If you look at the top picture, I added some Mediterranean seasoned feta cheese on top of the spinach and served it with a sweet and russet potato hash with some fried eggs.

A big bunch of yum. And a minimum of guilt.



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