“Grobe Leberwurst”

Doesn’t that sound better than ‘liverwurst’? More exotic.

I always swore that no liver was coming into my home unless it walked in on two legs. I can’t stand liver and onions. I know, everyone that loves it can’t understand it and they all say the same thing…

“You would love it if it was cooked  right”.

Yeah, huh. NO!

But strangle enough, my middle child just loves liver and onions. And lets face it, it is good for you! (yeah, yeah, yeah.) It is an organ meat and organ meats for generations was highly prized as a delicacy. They are rich in fat-soluble vitamins A and D as well as essential fatty acids, macro and trace minerals.   Whether it is liver or kidneys or tongue or …I don’t even know. Only us squeamish westerners tend to eat only muscle meat. I am a card carrying squeamish western eater. But…

Then I discovered there were ways around the icky taste of liver to still get the nutrition. (really?) I fried up a chicken liver (organic) once with onions and garlic, in rich butter and that was not bad.While I gave it to the boys to taste, I ate most of it, because I knew, on a cellular level, my body would be happy with it. Not so much on the surface, where my taste buds are thinking I have lost my mind. But I need other ways to get liver into our diets.

IMG_1846 (1024x765)

So, a friend suggester liverwurst. Another German friend knew just where to go to score the best stuff too.

We started at a deli in Orange that turned out to be closed on Mondays (darn you Mattern!) But we moved on to Torrance, to Alpine Village. It had become a quest. We knew there was a great store with a large deli and more meats stuffed in casing than I have ever seen in one place.

I came out broke, but had a great haul. Rye bread, sauerkraut (we are out of homemade), lunch meats, cheeses.. Guess whats for dinner? Bratwurst!

IMG_1848 (1024x765)

Amongst this pile was some liverwurst or as they call it, leberwurst. I requested a taste first, which they gladly gave me.

IMG_1851 (1024x765)

Hmmm. Soft, with a bit of crunchy seeds. Flavorful with only a hint of liver as an aftertaste. Yes, I can see us eating this. Okay, it may take a few threats to the youngest, but Phil and I will eat it for sure. So I bought a hunk to put on crackers or rye bread.

Linda, my German buddy, (well, of German descent anyway) had a plan for the ‘leberwurst’.

“Take a slice of rye bread, spread with butter, lay a slice of cheese on it and spread the liverwurst. Its delicious!”

Now if I could just learn to like broccoli.

(God have mercy on Oklahoma. Pray for those lost in the tornado.)


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