Scallions on your window sill!

I am interrupting our usual blogcast to bring you a special report! (and play with my new font program)

A new phenomena is occurring in San Fransisco. Scallions (green onions, chives) are regrowing in a weird cloning experiment. A scientist (posing as a real estate appraiser/daughter) took some green onions she had already partially used, put the roots in an H2O solution and set them on her window sill.

IMG_1877 (768x1024)

Mega root growth!

According to sources living in the area of the window sill, the scallions have taken root and continued growing new spears. This could conceivably revolutionize scallion shopping for millions.

Although you might want to put a little plant food in there once in a while.

I have always enjoyed growing scallions in a pot near the kitchen. That way I can cut just what I need, without pulling up the whole plant and the flavor is more fresh and pungent. The same with growing herbs, although I am going to have to find a new place since the Bougainvillea has overshadowed my herb garden like some crawling vibrant reddish pink monster looming over the yard ready to take over the neighborhood. (And with thorns big enough to do it too!)

Now you can try regrowing them on your window sill in half the time it takes to start them from seeds. More than half!

Here is a site that talks about regrowing kitchen scraps too, sent to me from a friend of mine. My scraps now go in the compost bin, but it is a great way to get your little homeschoolers into growing something quick and easy where you can watch the roots grow and see the growth day by day.

Thank you Professor Jessica for sharing in her biological cloning experiment. Now that you can regrow green onion spears, I imagine you will be moving on to arms and legs? Or Corgi tails? Good luck!


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