From Pillow Cases to Aprons

Meet my friend Jori.

Here she is modeling one of her new creations.
Here she is modeling one of her new creations.

She loves to sew.

See Jori sew. She will sew and sew and sew.

Jori will make doll clothes. She will make a quilt from old tee-shirts. She will make clothes for her two children. I tell you this girl can sew circles around most people. I thought this newest idea was gold.

Aprons from old pillow cases!

close up. Notice adjustable straps.
close up. Notice adjustable straps. Okay, never mind, see previous photo for straps.

She hits the second-hand stores and lines up some promising pillow cases. Then she pulls a couple together that compliment each other. Next thing you know, there is a one-of-a-kind two sided apron with pockets. (And if a baby or grandbaby want to take a nap-voila! Instant pillow!)

IMG_0570 (765x1024)
Side 1
IMG_0571 (765x1024)
Side 2
Here is one side. Isn't it cute?
Here is one side. Isn’t it cute?
This is the other side.
This is the other side.

And after oohing and awwwing at them all, she let me pick one to keep! How can anyone resist? Its a lovely green and white one I will take a picture of soon and add to the post. Thank you Jori dear! Here is her blog site…Sew Jori

In the meantime, enjoy the moments of refreshing breezes before summer wiggles and stretches and settles in for a comfortable stay in SoCal. We will be having an Aussie visiting us for a few weeks as he both tries to avoid the Brisbane winter and enjoy the Alfa Romeo convention coming up in Sonoma next month.

And did anyone else enter anything in the OC Fair this year? I will be baking a couple of things to see what, if any, ribbons I can pick up. Hit two for two last year. But you never know. It might have been beginners luck.

If you have any cute, funky, or homemade or special aprons, send me the picture and story to



One thought on “From Pillow Cases to Aprons

  1. Awww…Linda, you’re so sweet. = ) I need to get started on my summer sewing soon. And my blog could use some attention…now that you’ve drawn some attention to it!

    Happy summer!


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