organic produce delivered to your door


Have a beautiful day and enjoy our beautiful and bountiful country. For one day, ignore the politics and negative hoopla. Or rather, lets ignore them every day and maybe they will all go away? Oh wait, ignoring them makes them worse.Okay, for one day…

Don’t you just love Groupons? I first heard of them when my Aunt, in Alabama, was putting a coupon for her B&B, the Mistletoe Bough, on Groupon. I had never heard of it, but thought it sounded like a good idea. And it turned out well for her. She booked up with people using the Groupon.

Since then I have been getting Groupons sent to my inbox every dang day.  Perhaps a bit excessively. I think I need to change my settings. But I have gotten some good deals on restaurants I might otherwise not have tried, and recently got $20 worth of sandwiches and snacks at ‘Wicked ‘Wiches’ for $10. The food was great.

So, Cassie, our adopted-pseudo-neice and dear friend, uses Groupons all the time. This time it was to have fresh organic produce delivered to the door. In this case, our door, which she then came by to pick up.

So sure enough, early one Wednesday morning we get up and there is a box of beautiful produce just waiting for us on the  front porch. And being it was a Groupon, it was a bargain to boot.

Cassie holding 'Farm Fresh to You' box
Cassie holding ‘Farm Fresh to You’ box. Doesn’t she just have the most beautiful smile?

Lets see what cool and groovy things were in it:

I spy with my little eye...lettuce
I spy with my little eye…lettuce
And Italian squash and peppers...
And Italian squash and peppers…
delightful strawberries...
delightful strawberries…
and a detailed list of what you should have gotten.
and a detailed list of what she got.

Cassie says you can have anything you dont like taken off the list so they don’t deliver it to you again. (Goodbye eggplant!) They will substitute something else. But what you get is fresh, organic and local. Can’t beat that with a stick!

Well, the Groupon was only good for one delivery, but now she gets a box delivered once a month, again to our house, where she picks it up on her way home from work. Of course, by the time she shows up, I have poked through the box, assessed the quality, taken pictures and made sure it looks up to snuff. And really, would she notice a missing berry? (Just kidding).

By the way, although it  looks like I am advertising for Groupon, ’tis not so.

And another by-the-way, look at what we saw on our fence yesterday…

I wonder what it is and if it was hanging around to maybe check out our chooks.
I wonder what it is and if it was hanging around to maybe check out our chooks.
"Is anyone else seeing this? Should we be worried? I'm worried!"
“Is anyone else seeing this? Should we be worried? I’m worried!”






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