Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

I pulled over to tell the older man riding his bike while walking his pet,what a beautiful dog he had.

Life was good. I hugged people. I sang out loud.

I noticed all the beauty in even our small corner of the world.

All this because the gluten free bread came out beautiful.

Hello my beauties!
Hello my beauties!

While the recipes are basically the same, the top one was made with buttermilk, the other with just regular milk. They both had 3 eggs. They both had butter. They both had a little gelatin added to them.

How they turned out though, I did not know for a while. I was supposed to bake them the night before and take them to church in the morning for a friend to pick up. But  I got busy. You know how it is. So I got up early and made them this morning. So she got them fresh and hot.The only problem with that is you can’t cut them open fresh and hot. They have to be cool before cutting. Even more than regular bread, which should, ideally, also be cooled before cutting. So I had no idea how it tasted or what it looked like. Was it crumbly? Was it gummy? Or was it perfect?

I had to wait patiently for my friend, for whom this was made, to get back to me. In the meantime, I live in the fantasy that it tasted as lovely as it looked.

While we wait to find out, I will tell you about how my older son, 2nd-in-line-to-the-throne, was informing me how the 4th of July  was the last day of the battle of Gettysburg. That the South had already had a note ready to go, so sure where they that they would win, to be delivered to Lincoln, saying basically, ‘no hard feelings, but we are now our own country, thanks’. I wonder how different life would be now if we were in fact 2 countries. Assuming that slavery was abolished anyway, which it was speculated it would have been.

That means my aunt would be living in another country right now, being in Alabama.

I have heard it said that you should need a passport to go to the south anyway.

And speaking of thrones, did I tell you that I found out my family is related to the future king of England?

That Lady Diana is my 12th cousin twice removed? I think I better send them a baby gift.

My mother says we may now call her by ‘your majesty’.

We aren’t  exactly any threat to the monarchy though. We would probably be about 4000th in line for the throne. Basically all of England would have to die of some giant plague for them to start searching through our commoner line of folks.

Okay, the verdict is in. The bread turned out just right! Not too gummy, not too crumbly. And so I will now write down the recipe so I do not forget the changes I made to it.

IMG_2174 (1024x765) (1024x765) (2)
I took these pictures while sitting in the car.

Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

  • Yield: 1loaf

After playing around with various recipes, I seem to have found a good sandwich/toast bread that is gluten free. It is an adaptation of the one from King Arthur Flour company.



  1. Place the dry ingredients in a large bowl and whisk or use your mixer to mix together. Add the vinegar to the buttermilk.
  2. Using either a hand or standing mixer, add the buttermilk until it starts to come together, then add the softened butter. (It could even be melted and cooled).
  3. Continue mixing, adding eggs, one at a time and mixing well. Mix for about 3 minutes at high speed. If the batter seems to thick with the buttermilk, if the dough is too dry and hard, add in a tablespoon of water until it is a softer dough, like thick cake batter. I did not have to add water to this recipe though.
  4. The original recipe suggested letting the dough sit and raise for an hour. I did not have an hour to spare so I let it sit for about 20 minutes, until it was puffing.
  5. I greased the inside of an 8″ loaf pan and scooped the dough into the pan, using my wet fingers to smooth is over on top. I cut a slash in the top of the dough and covered it with oiled plastic wrap. Let it raise for about 1 hour or until it has risen to barely crown above the rim of the pan.
  6. Preheat the oven to 350. Bake the bread for 36-42 minutes, until golden brown. If you read the temperature, it should be about 200 degrees.
  7. I think the reaction of the vinegar and/or buttermilk with the baking soda helped it to raise higher. It is especially important to add the vinegar if you are using milk, as this is not as acidic as the buttermilk and will not react with the baking soda on its own as well.The gelatin, which I have around to sometimes add to my homemade yogurt, helped hold it together nicely. Some people use pectin and others have tried psyllium husk to get the same results.
  8. FYI: I made my own jars of gluten free baking mix out of about 5 parts flours, 3 parts starches. So about 5 cups of brown and white rice flours, sweet sorghum flour, almond meal, flax meal, etc and then 3 cups of potato starch and tapioca starch. I whisk it all together, put it in a labeled 1/2 gallon canning jar and keep it handy.

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