Organic Egg Scorecard


Good morning, afternoon and evening.

I would like to share with you two things. Or three. Or maybe four. One was passed on to me from Facebook. What a hoot! Or  should I say, what a cluck!

It is called “The Hazards of Backyard Hens” by OneGirlRant.

Stop what you are doing and watch it right now. I will wait for you.

Okay, wasn’t that fun?

From there I found a blurb on the organic egg industry and how huge industrialized ‘organic’ egg companies are now  80% of the market, paying lip service to organic standards. I mean, if I am paying extra for organic eggs, don’t I want to know that they really are organic? I don’t mind paying extra for real food, if I have to. I just take money away from cold cereal and chips and that pretty much covers the extra expense. (Unless we are talking pasture raised beef, that is another story.)

Anyway, it led me to a website, Cornucopia Institute where I looked at an egg scorecard.  Click there to see it as well.

So this site researches many egg producing companies claiming to be organic to see just how close they really are to maintaining true organic standards.

After all you are paying more for these organic eggs. What is the point of ‘cage free’ eggs if the hens are housed thousands to a building with no outside roaming? No pecking at grass and foraging for bugs? That very activity is what gives the eggs their health, their vitamins. Merely giving them organic feed, is that enough? I guess it’s better than nothing, but is it worth the price?

Pecking at the grass, with all that chlorophyll, is what gives the yolks their bright orangy-yellow color and gives the eggs up to 20 times the amount of more healthy omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also been shown that these eggs, from hens living outside in pastures or backyards, have more vitamin A and D  and less cholesterol.

Here is a good article on eggs, pasture vs free range from Cheeseslave. (Got to love it, ‘for the love of cheese. And butter. And bacon. And all those things we are not supposed to eat.’)

Of course, they are plenty of people who don’t give a hoot about their eggs, they just want them ‘cheap’ (ha-ha). An eggs an egg, right? Maybe at one time that was true. Just like milk used to just be milk and a peach used to just be a peach.

Watch here if you are interested in a short video by Cornucopia about corporate egg production.

A neighbor of mine says we have it all backwards. We shouldn’t have to call non-pesticide, non-genetically modified food ‘organic’. It should just be food. It’s the gmo’s and pesticide food that should be given a name.  It shouldn’t be “organic apples” but apples and oh, maybe ‘toxic apples’. Or ‘pesticide apples’.

And do we even need to talk about tomatoes? How can they call those round red things in the grocery stores tomatoes? Holy smoke! Even in the summer, our Stater Bros. can’t give us a decent tomato. Then I eat one of my homegrown ones and marvel. The store ones might as well be made of plastic! Rename them for  heavens sake! “Tomato like products” or ‘pseudo-tomatoes’ right? The only REAL tomatoes are those either grown in your or your neighbor’s garden, or maybe those at the farmers market. And when your husband complains because he wants a tomato in his sandwich in January, remind him just  how awful those fake tomatoes are and to keep your eye on the prize of summer tomatoes. Eating seasonally used to be the only choices we had, back in the day. Now it’s merely an option. Opt for real food! Vote for farmers markets! Grow a few veggies! Support community gardens!

Wow, two soapbox issues in one post; eggs and tomatoes. Down girl.

I have to go feed ‘the girls’ now. My wittle cutums…Did we give mommy some eggs today?



2 thoughts on “Organic Egg Scorecard

  1. Oh my goodness! That video had me in stitches! You’re not that bad…right? Yet? Linda? Stop baby-talking the chickens and get back in the house! You have quilting or baking to do. = )

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