Ribbons from the fair!

1st place winner
1st place winner

First we have the layered Turkish bread, in honor of my daughters trip to Turkey.It is a light dough layered with ham, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, cheeses, etc.  This recipe won first place in the special ingredient catagory of yeast breads. Aww shucks folks (she says modestly, blushing).

2nd place ribbon!
2nd place ribbon!

This is the gluten free lemon blueberry coffee cake that took  2nd place in the special diet category. I make my own gluten free mix, then add sour cream, butter, sugar, almond meal, more sugar, blueberries, streusel, more sugar…

I haven’t been to the fair yet and already I found out I won 2 for 2. Good day!

First my son and friends went to the fair and saw my name with a first place placard, but no food there. I imagine with the ham and all it would have gone bad. Either that or they were having such a good time eating and sharing that there was nothing left but crumbs. I kinda think not.

But there was no sign of my other entry.Oh well, perhaps it didn’t win.

Then I just got an email from the fair.Would I like to enter my recipes in the OC fair cookbook?  And they had posted the winners online. So, with sweat running down my back and forehead, I looked it up.  Wow!2 ribbons! (But I’m still sweating. Would someone just put on the fan!? Did we forget its summer here!)

Now I still have to go to the fair and see if my friend Rita won for her baby blanket and shawl. And to see all those pretty quilts and other hand made items. And the animals. And the…(fill in the blank here).

Thanks to all the judges, bless their little hearts.

See you at the fair!



5 thoughts on “Ribbons from the fair!

  1. Congratulations!

    I’m imagining the judges sitting at a table, looking at your Turkish bread, and discussing its fate:
    – You know, we’ve already judged everything. There’s really no reason to save the rest of this.
    – It would be a crime to let something this good go to waste.
    – The ham and cheese in this is going to go bad if we just leave it out.
    – It won’t be pretty on display, so we might as well just eat the whole thing!
    (This is followed by sounds of munching, lipsmacking, and oohing and aahing.)

  2. They both look and sound so delicious! If only I could taste them, I’m sure I would award them first place! Congrats =)

  3. Thanks everyone. Jori, you crack me up! It is so easy to enter in the fair. I saw all kinds of people entering all kinds of things. I went with my friend when she entered her crochet items and saw people bringing everything from quilts and clothes to paintings, photos, woodwork and lego sculptures. Several people brought multiple things. Little and big kids entered things. I know a young woman who made a quilt she should enter next year. Start planning now!

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