Bears big Adventure

Meet a new member of the family:

photoHe is bigger than he looks, with exceedingly fluffy, silky fur and gentle as a large bumbling lamb.

So we named him Bear. As in, big as a bear, no tail like a bear, brown like a bear. (If a bear had large white patches that is.)

This is the story of Bears big adventure.

He had been with us for about 2 weeks. It was a Thursday morning and we three had just come back from Mass and breakfast out. The plan was to drop off “the boy” while dad and I got some shopping done. While the boy went through the gate, suddenly Bear, who up till now had respected the gate, ran through it and jumped into the car. He sat there all excited with a ‘where are we going’ look on his silly face. The more we tried to get him out the more he jumped around from seat to seat. I got his leash and treats to lure him out. Out he came, the treat he ate and before I could hook him to the leash, he suddenly bolted!

Away he ran!

Run Bear, run!

See Bear run.

See boy  chase Bear.

See cars dodge Bear.

Hear boy scream at Bear.

He ran down the busy avenue with a big grin on his face. I ran after them both with a leash in one hand and treats in the other, but they were miles ahead of me. He finally stopped at a busy intersection and thought that this looked like a good place to poop. Thats when the boy caught up to him and grabbed him and hubby pulled up in the car to block him. He opened the car door and Bear jumped in, sat down and looked very satisfied with himself.

Sheesh! He was banished to the garage for the rest of the day. And don’t think this escape is because he doesn’t get out to walk. We walk him and we even took him to the bark park recently. He just felt like running free that morning.

Lets walk to the store

He is an Australian Shepherd and my sister brought him to us from Washington state. So far he has been gentle with our old dog Jack and, after one quick chase, has been gentle with the chooks as well. I think of that as I brush him out and my face is next to his. The state of my face is in his gentle disposition. With one swoop he could reach over and bite it off. Or slurp it with sloppy kisses. So far, so good.


3 thoughts on “Bears big Adventure

  1. Oh, Bear’s adorable! That first pic of him “smiling” put a smile on all our faces around here. Well, not Snickers’s face…she’s under the impression that she’s the only adorable dog on the planet, so she refuses to acknowledge other adorable dogs. = )

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