Dwelling in the land of idle bloggers

Its kind of frustrating how I think of blog ideas, so I write down the titles to write up later, then don’t get around to writing them. Weeks later I see these draft titles building up so I sit down to write one for awhile and all I can remember is “huh?”

I just haven’t had the blogging bug.

I’m sure the titles must have sounded good at the time. It’s along the lines of going out to the garage to get something but by the time you get there you have been distracted by a dozen other ideas and you suddenly find yourself standing in the garage, staring at the gorilla racks that serve as your pantry and wondering what the heck you are doing there. Then finally, after retracing your steps, remembering you actually needed something out of the freezer.

Well, this blog is kind of like that. I haven’t been doing much blogging this summer. I have been lazy, as far as writing goes. No, that is not really accurate. It’s the pictures. I keep forgetting to take pictures and then, after we are done eating I think to myself “Wow, that was stupid. I just missed posting this great dish” . Like the halibut with a butter and wine sauce I made last friday night from “The Silver Spoon” Italian cookbook. It was great. It was simple. And it will have to wait until next time because I did not even take one picture of it. At the price of Halibut, don’t be expecting a re-do on that too soon. (Although the piece of fish was so big, I did get to freeze some of it for another day.) Maybe I need to bribe my son to learn to take food pictures for me. Then when we forget, I can always blame him.

I was just thinking to myself the other day that I would like time to be bored.

Just for a little while, I want to be so bored I…

iron all my spare aprons from a folded pile in my closet.

So bored I dust the tops of each individual book in our many bookcases.(or maybe read one.)

So bored I actually weed the garden.

So bored I get out my old recipe box and rewrite the messy recipes, even though they are already copied into a book and online.

So bored I will sit down and read all these great blogs I find while looking for something else, and leave comments.

So bored I will take the time to scrap off the ancient tape from the front of my sons bedroom door.

So bored I will clean under the fridge and oven.

But this day of utter boredom has not yet arrived.  Even with my Prius out of commission because the red triangle of death is lit and the engine keeps revving on its own, I have too many other things to do.

My day of boredom is not yet at hand.

But the summer days have been wonderful. It has been a cool summer. P and I have been enjoying watching 4 seasons of BBC’s “Merlin” so far. (Why can’t Morgana just die and be done with it? Uther finally did.) While we haven’t made to the beach even once, we did get to take a trip to San Francisco. We got to visit friends and go swimming at least once in a pool. We have been out for a day sail. I entered, won ribbons and visited the OC Fair. And I have been finding pockets of time to cut out pieces for a new quilt top. We grew scads of tomatoes until they were coming out of our ears and have a plethora of jalapeno and anaheim peppers. And we acquired a new dog/bear. So all in all a pleasant, slow-paced summer.

How about you?

Keep your eye on the horizon...
Keep your eye on the horizon…
garden tomatoes run amok
garden tomatoes run amok
Having fun in China Town
Having fun in China Town
played games
played games
Anime convention, we are ready!
Anime convention, we are ready!
Wow!  Thats some old picture. Time for scrapbooking.
Wow! Where did this come from? Thats some old picture. Time for scrap-booking. Oh my gosh, look close. This ride used a C coupon. This picture is so far back, they were still using coupons for the rides!I sure wish I had saved a book of those. Wonder what they bring on E-bay.

One thought on “Dwelling in the land of idle bloggers

  1. I love that picture! Wow, not one photograph and after all the trouble I went to to teach both you AND your other offspring how to use an SLR camera. Shame shame!
    You should really plan at least one day a year for you to be bored. Preferably a week. Or four. It’s really good for you. So the French would say, anyway.

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