Movies I really wish I had NEVER seen…

We have all seen movies we just loved and wanted to share with everyone.

Then there are those movies that amuse you for a minute, but by the next week you cannot really remember what  the plot was and who the heck was in it anyway. By the next year you see it on tv and it stirs some weak memory, although you are sure you haven’t seen it.

And there are those movies that just leave a bad taste in your mouth and you are sorry you wasted your precious time and/or money.

But those are not the movies I am talking about today. I am talking about those movies that scar your soul. Movies that you only need to see once and it is engraved in your memory and you wish there was a way to dig it out and burn it.

I am going to share a short list of those with you today. Why? Because that’s what I was thinking about in the shower today.  Many of my blog posts start in the shower with the smell of shampoo in the damp air.

So here they are, while I listen to Pandora radio and smell chocolate chip cookies in the air. These are in no particular order.

A.I. Okay, just stab me in the heart, over-and-over-and-over…until I am bleeding all over the theater. Abandoned robot child looking for his mommy. (Bwahhhhhhhh!!) Then…hubby went and bought it!! Was he insane? No way am I ready to watch that again.

Sybil Can we all agree that this sick, twisted, perverted story is among the top 5? It would not be so bad if it wasnt a true story! That’s what was the killer. How could anyone torture their own child like that? How could any child survive it? (shudder.) If you haven’t seen it-DON’T.

Saving Private Ryan I realize plenty of people saw this one just fine. Hubby saw it many times. I am not a war movie gal and had no intention of seeing it until hubby says he wants to take me to see it for his birthday. Really? A movie you already saw and knew I would not be able to handle? Have you ever loved me? Well I showed him. He took me to a local diner afterward where I sobbed quietly into my untouched food for about 45 minutes. Nothing like dying and suffering young soldiers calling out for their mothers to rip your heart out and stomp it to mush.

on a lesser level: The changeling. (I am a sissy when it comes to scary movies).

Carrie (I was young, it made an impression). Dont want to see it again thank you, not even the remake.

I am thinking their might be others on my list. If there are, I will update this later. I just can’t think of them. Another day I will do a post on my ‘Top 5 movies you just have got to see’ list.

Feel free to send me your suggestions for movies you deeply regretted seeing.


***Update*** I forgot to add ‘Sophie’s Choice’. When it wasn’t being boring, it was horrifying. Dont ever want to see that one again, or think about it or hear about it…

Yes, ‘Schindler’s List’ should be on there too.


6 thoughts on “Movies I really wish I had NEVER seen…

  1. Oh my darling girl. We will never get back the 3 hours we spent wishing Cloud Atlas would end. How about the Exorcist. I slept with my eyes open for a long time because I was sure my husband was going to become the devil. And to think I waited in a very long line to see it. I think I will just watch Cary Grant movies over and over. Now that’s entertainment.

  2. Wow, having a sad day I see, I completely agree, my top sob movie is Schindlers List, I tried to not watch, to avoid looking, but I did and it ripped my heart out!!!! Sniff, sniff

  3. Penny Serenade… I love Cary Grant & Irene Dunn but even thinking about the movie makes me want to crawl into a corner and sob.

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