What is WWoof’ing?

Out of my 3 children, two are adults.

Most of you probably already know this. This post is for those people who either have young adults of their own, know of young adults to whom this may apply or are, in fact, young adults. Or middle adults even.

It is for people looking to travel around the world without joining the military.

It is a way for people to learn the value of hard work for the pay of a meal and a place to lay your head at night.

It is where you learn to weed fields of garlic, milk cows, feed chickens or skin rabbits all on organic farms.

It is Wwoofing!

“World Wide opportunities on Organic Farms”

It was the way my older son saw New Zealand, from top to bottom, working farms and eventually just tramping about, staying at hostiles and making friends from all over the world. Lots of Germans go Wwoofing during their homelands harsh winters. He met a nice Japanese boy he farmed with for a bit. He also staying on an island where a Californian had moved to in order to farm abalone. But he did get very sick eating mussels there. Or was it oysters? I don’t remember.

Franz Josef to Wanaka 007 (1024x768)christchurch2 060 (1024x768)ne NZ pics 081 (1024x768)DSCF2607 (1024x768)more dina photos 027 (1024x768)my rabbit (1024x768)Franz Josef to Wanaka 046 (768x1024)New zealand1 007 (912x684)DSCF2811 (768x1024)Here is a strange little fella he met at a pub at Halloween. He is still in touch with some friends he met there. I could not possibly attach all the beautiful, poster worthy photos of that amazing country he sent us.

It was actually the embassy here that recommended Wwoofing as a way for him to see New Zealand. He had seen his sister travel all over the world and wanted a bit of that himself. So he carefully looked over the world maps and settled on New Zealand as the most beautiful but still relatively safe English speaking country. Now he plans to live there someday. It is small, but amazing.

See the world on the cheap! Use a bit of muscle to earn your keep! Go Wwoofing!


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