3 Minute Bacon Cheese Dip

Say “cheeeeesssssseeeee”!

Now  say it with bacon on top.

Oh mercy!

I don’t have any pictures. I was having too good a time and forgot to whip out my camera phone. So let me tell you the story behind the cheese dip that can change your life. Then the ubber easy recipe.

First, a story.

We used the last garden tomato last night on our tacos. It seems it is time to take the last sprawling, aged, decrepit tomato plant and rip it out. The job fell to son #2. We sent him out with suggestions of gloves, clippers and shovels. I figure, he is 16, he can manage without my help.

A few minutes later I found him huddled in the bathroom with a towel over his head. It seems when he started pulling at the tomato plant, some bugs did an Avatar thing, swarming out to save their ‘tree’, swarming all around his head. Now while this might not have bothered his older brother, who probably would have tried to catch them and pin them to a bug board, it kind of freaked this kid out. There was no way he was going back out there that day. Since then we have had him go out and hack back a bit at a time. I’m sure not going to do it. Yuck!

So, I had a Pampered Chef party here a few weeks ago. I wasn’t really planning on it until I saw the host special of the month 60% off stoneware. I love baking. And I love baking with stoneware and I was down to just a couple of pieces after breakage or mysterious disappearances. I also love 60% off.

So I had a party and now have a new beautiful bar pan upon which I have already made a cheesey potato appetizer and some caramel brownies. How I have missed you my sweet bar pan!

A few years back I used to be a Pampered Chef consultant.  I already used their tools every day and liked both the products and the recipes. It seemed a no brainer. That business lasted a little over a year before I let it go. The economy had just crashed and I was also trying to salvage my RE appraisal business. Oh, and home schooling. Something had to give. But in the back of my mind, I always kept open the possibility that if I ever wanted to start a business again, that would be the place to go. I had no problems with the Pampered Chef company. They were amazing actually. Showering you with incentives and gifts, training videos, oh, and darn good products. They really do pamper their hosts too. I had no complaints after my last party. I love the word Free followed closely by the words 60% off and half  price.  (and free shipping, there’s that free word again. Free-free-free. I never get tired of it.)

So last Monday I went to my PC consultants consultant meeting where happy-peppy people who share Pampered Chef go. I met her director, a wonderful sweet woman named Michele. (yes, with one L) who has had her own PC business for 18 years. It was here among these maybe 10 friendly enthusiastic women that showed up that I decided to get back into the game. I have always loved the idea of sharing what I love, baking and cooking, hence this blog. PC is just another avenue to do the same. Share recipes, tips, hints and some great tools to make the job even easier. And make some money doing it! Help pay school tuition. Save up for a trip to visit my daughter in Paris next spring. These things I can see working for. (How about a new chair to sit here at my computer. One that doesn’t sink every time someone sits in it and sound like a farting hippopotamus when you get out of it!)

So, at this meeting she had a kind of “Wine, Chocolate and Cheese” party. She had made a wonderful chocolate cake in just a few minutes in her microwave. (Magic!) There was a bottle of wine where she showed us the PC wine opener and how to use it. (Could this possibly be the most important item they sell? At least to wineauxs ). And then the 3 minute cheese dip of magic heaven.

I have tended to be anti-microwave in the past. Down right hostile even to microwaves. Using it only for an occasional melting of butter or microwave popcorn or warming up leftovers in a pinch and even then with great reluctance. But what I hear from these knowledgeable women is that the technology has helped turn it into more of an oven. PC had these pots made of stone (Rockcrok) that fit in your micro and make moist juicy chicken and pork dinners in minutes. Crispy bacon? I had to see to believe. (Okay, fyi, the pots also go on stove top, oven, freezer and bbq.)

But you are asking “where is the cheese please?” (or “just give me the dang dip recipe for petes sake!”) Okay, here it is.

She  cooked it in the microwave in 3 minutes in a small covered ceramic baker called a “Garlic and Brie baker”. Into it she put:

1 brick of cream cheese, softened

2 tbsp.  of milk

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese/4 oz. (although the original recipe called for mozzarella)

1 -2 Tbsp. of PC 3-onion rub. (I don’t have and would dice up some scallions and garlic, plus some garlic salt. At least until I can get some of that heavenly smelling rub. They have all kinds of rubs you can use to make an assortment of dips. This is just the one she made.)

3 slices of bacon

Put the first 4 ingredients into a good, non plastic microwave dish and cook on high for 3 minutes, stirring once half way through.

Now Michele cooked her bacon in the microwave using a stone ridged pan, in the microwave and it got brown and crispy. Until you have that pan, you can cook the bacon any darn way you please. I would fry it up on the stove, or use leftovers from a previous bacon bake-up.

When it comes out of the micro, just crumble the bacon over the top.

Serve this gooey, cheesey salty-bacony dip with crackers of choice and/or vegetable slices, like cucumber rounds, pepper slivers, celery sticks, etc. Friends dont let friends eat this alone!

Good thing we had so many people there or I might have made myself sick eating the whole darn bowl!

Later I found the recipe in their latest “Season’s Best” booklet. Their two buck book that comes out several times a year. I have an assorted few from the past and that is where I found our favorite Strawberry Triffle  and Caramel Nutty Brownies among other things. I have yet to try one of their recipes that wasn’t delicious. Of course, I don’t do the recipes with broccoli, so…

Anyway, expect to see more new recipes, hopefully with pictures. Pictures of PC parties, pictures of new foods I intend to make with new kitchen tools to make the whole thing easier, quicker and more fun.

I have to go use my new brownie pan now. If you stick your noses outside and smell brownies, I may be the culprit.

I just had to have at least one pic.

is that cheese dip?
is that bacon cheese dip I smell?
Give ME the bacon cheese dip!
Give ME the bacon cheese dip!
You think so!?
Just try and get it big guy!

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