Grand Opening Party!

Don’t you love ordering things online? Then they come in the mail and by that time the pain of having to pay for it has  diminished and its kind of like Christmas!


I became a Pampered Chef consultant on the 15th and ordered my starter kit. (And got a free brownie pan-see stars and hearts in my eyes!)

The kit was supposed to arrive Friday, according to the Fed-ex tracking system, which we know never fails. But this time they were wrong in the right direction!

It came today!

Here is me opening all my goodies.
whoop-whoop!! Here is me opening all my goodies.A new apron?! Oh no, you know how I hate aprons…!

Now I am official! Good thing too, since I have already booked some parties.


Yes, you my dear reader friend. Come watch me nervously fumble, demonstrate Pampered Chef tools while making something delicious to eat. I need to practice.

And practice.

And practice.

So I am having 2 grand openings. One at night, for you after-workers. (or whoever) It’s this coming Tuesday at 6:30. We be having drinks and fajitas baby! My friend Michele will be helping me to do this first one.

Then on the next Saturday, the 2nd of Nov,  is my flying solo party starting at 1:00. Not sure what food I am demonstrating at that one yet. I encourage recent hostess’s to come because they can also get the host specials. (Remember, no hostess pays the full price for anything for 1 year).

You can never go to too many Pampered Chef parties. Each one has its own ‘party-tude’. You can pick up something for yourself or a holiday gift or wedding gift, spreading it out without breaking the budget buying all at once. (Or for heaven’s sake, have a party and shop for free and half price!)

Let me know if you can come. Call me. Email me. I even have a new email addy. You can use my old one or this one:

It’s a grand opening after all. I think this calls for balloons, don’t you? And games. And prizes. What the hey.

WHAT?! Christian Bale's coming to my party???
WHAT?! Christian Bale’s coming to my party???

4 thoughts on “Grand Opening Party!

  1. Book me a party from one of yours. We will hold it while you are here. I have lots of PC so you don’t need to haul any. We will cook dinner for my girlfriends and you should do well.

    JoAnn Frazier – Innkeeper

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