Baked Pancakes?

Well hang on to your hats pancake lovers! Here is salvation for pancake makers everywhere, whether you are the Saturday morning pancake dads or the any-day-of the week pancake moms, this will change your life.

Okay, maybe I am being a bit dramatic. Or some might say not enough.

But really, baked pancakes?

This is only slightly less dramatic and wonderful than when I discovered baked bacon, which changed my life.

Pancakes, baked, in a large stoneware bar pan. Into one huge pancake. Then cut into squares. Or rectangles or hearts or stars, whatever.

I heard this from another Pampered Chef consultant who makes her bacon in the oven (but we already know that trick, don’t we.) in the large bar pan at 400 degrees. When done, she pours off most of the bacon fat, then pours the pancake batter into that same bar pan and pops it back into the oven. About 15 minutes later, voila!

Well, it was Friday and I didn’t make the bacon, but wanted to make a brinner for our evening meal. So it was scrambled eggs and blueberry pancakes, baked in the oven. Now that I have replaced my much beloved and missing bar pan, I find all kinds of reasons to use it. Here was just another.

They turned out beautiful, easy-peasy and delicious. My picky husband even complimented them.

Here we are digging in. I put the leftover slices in a ziplock to save for 'toaster pancakes' later.
Here we are digging in. I put the leftover slices in a ziplock to save for ‘toaster pancakes’ later.
Oh dang, you wanted a bit? Well, here is the last one.
Oh dang, you wanted a bit? Well, here is the last one.

I just used Trader Joe pancake mix (I sometimes mix the multi-grain with the regular) with eggs, milk and a little sour cream, then poured it into the pre-heated pan, topped with frozen blueberries, swished them around in the batter a bit with a wooden spoon and popped it into a 400 degree oven. A while later it looked golden on top so I took it out and it was done. Way too simple to be real!
The blueberries ‘sank’ but since it is only a pancake and about 1/2″ high, they didn’t have far to go.

I am not sure you would get the same wonderful effects with a metal pan. The metal would get pretty hot and perhaps burn the bottom before the top was done. You could use other shape stoneware though. If I hadn’t made such a large batch (I generally do not measure pancake ingredients any more and sometimes end up with a tad too much, which makes Bear happy as he gets leftover pancakes.) If you were making less you  could put them in a smaller square baker stoneware pan. Or the medium bar pan. But there you go. You must try them at your next pancake fest! All your pancakes done at the same time, no flipping, no waiting and mom gets to eat with the rest of the family!



2 thoughts on “Baked Pancakes?

  1. This is a wonderful idea, but don’t use the chicken plate for your photo as I thought you had added caviar to your pancake and then figured out that it was chicken feathers.

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