Breakfast Panini

IMG_2870 (1024x765)Crispy, messy, buttery, full of egg, cheese, tomato and prosciutto. Are you thinking “hey, Linda, I want one of those for breakfast too!”?

Well, you can come by right quick and I’ll make you one. OR…you can make your own in no time flat.And flat is a key word here.

You need a couple of pieces of equipment though. A grill press is handy. Such as this one…

IMG_2862 (1024x765)You need something with which to squish the sandwich er-panini. If you have a George Foreman Grill that would work. I also have a cast iron grill press but it is so heavy as to squash the paninis into non-existence.

I am using my newest toys. The Pampered Chef grill pan and grill press.

These are wonderful magic things to have in your kitchen. You can make bacon, grill chicken, or make paninis! But the pan and press, while having a lifetime warranty, are pricey. I strongly suggest you have your own party and get them free or half price, like I did. It was actually my birthday present from hubby! Shortly after my Pampered Chef Grand Opening party dh asks,  “What do you want for your bir…” I had the catalog shoved in his face so fast, it blew what is left of his hair back! “It’s half price honey!” Half price is one of his favorite words, right up there with free and 60% off.

Anyway, it is Veterans day (God bless you all you Vets out there!) and I wanted something different for breakfast.

So, I took out some sourdough bread. A good hearty bread, as you can imagine, works best with this kind of sandwich. It needs to have squashitude. Or perhaps squashability would be a better new word.

First, fry up an egg. I fried it up lightly knowing it would be also getting the grill treatment.

While I put good Kerigold butter on the outside of the bread  (which accounts for the yellow look) you could mist it with olive oil instead. The inside got mayo and garlic mustard. I lay one slice down in the pre-heated grill. (Or half piece like for mine. But hubbies was first and he gets a whole, man sized panini). Then just added whatever sounded wonderful. Cheese (assorted kinds, grated), the fried egg, prosciutto (or ham or bacon or no meat at all if that is your fancy), the last garden tomato sliced thin, more cheese and the next slice of bread. Now I just lay the grill press over it so it could…well, press it.

Start playing your favorite Pandora station so you can dance while you wait for it to grill and get melty and crispy.

Cool and groovy new oil spritzer so I dont have to buy the canned stuff anymore. Houston, we have regained oil control
Cool and groovy new kitchen spritzer so I don’t have to buy the canned stuff anymore. Houston, we have regained oil control!
"How's it going in there?"
“How’s it going in there?”
Notice I didn't put the fire too high. I actually read the warranty. I want this baby to last. After all, lifetime warranty...So I kept the flame medium high.
Notice I didn’t put the fire too high. I actually read the warranty. I want this baby to last. After all, lifetime warranty…So I kept the flame medium high.

Now that I think on it, an avocado would have been a nice addition, although it might have slithered out. Now I am having some Cuties to cleanse the palate. (Yeah, Cutie season, those tiny tangerine things!)

Sorry, I was busy stuffing  the panini in my face while I was posting and didn’t get a picture. Thats okay though, it wasn’t too pretty, just delicious beyond all reason!


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