Good bye to Belle

My daughters cat and boon companion of some 14 plus years breathed her last early this morning.

Our hearts are with you Jess.

IMG_1923 (1024x768)
This was taken in just the last year or so. She was a beautiful thing. So gentle and sweet.
Phil, little Paul and sleepy Belle in the beach bungalow.

When we first got Belle, which from this photo and Pauls age, I would say was about between 14-15 years ago, we were on the verge of going on a beach bungalow trip with grandpa. Oops, we found out that no pets were allowed. Usually being pretty law-abiding citizens, the scofflaw in us suddenly reared its rebellious head. Surely they could not object to this little kitty, who could do no harm. We could not very well leave a teeny bitty kitty home alone and had no sitters. Besides, it would have broken Jess’s heart to leave her behind so soon.

So we kinda-sorta snuck her in a little carrier and kept her in with us.

Amazing how loud those little lungs could be. I was a bit nervous about being ‘outed’. But our secret was kept safe until the last day when a cleaning lady came to inspect our bungalow and saw her. By then we were packing and heading out of there. I felt like a regular Bonnie Parker.

Scan10001Here is Belle being nosy and checking out what Jess was up to. For that matter, what was she up to? Chopping nuts for something it looks like, in our old kitchen.

She has spent the last few years living in San Francisco, friends staying with her while mummsie traveled through  the EU. Belle thought about going along, but in the end she preferred her own home, her own window sills to sit in, the quiet life of an elderly Grand Dame Cat.

She spent her last days in her mommies arms, exactly where she would want to be.


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