Planning Easter Dinner & the Stork visits the Mericle Farm

Hello again. To anyone that read yesterdays post; any songs got stuck in your heads?

I am sitting here writing up our Easter dinner menu and thought I would roam around the internet and see what others are up to. So glad I did! Here are some links to wonderful looking dishes.

look at these colored deviled eggs. I am so making these this year…

Look at this vegy dip idea! It’s so adorable!

I haven’t decided on whether to make honey yeast rolls, challah bread or this braided egg bread:

Now, for those of you having ham with your dinner, here is a great leftover idea…

Of course this also happens to be my favorite kind of pizza.

So what are you having for Easter Dinner? Here is our menu so far:

Easter dinner
• Baked Ham
• Scalloped potatoes
• Candied yams
• Spinach puffs
• Jello salad
• Honey yeast rolls
• Lambs cake
• Watermelon
• Possibly individual strawberry trifles

The trifle idea came from a lambs cake that didn’t work. I cut it up to use as a trifle later. If I get out some cute martini glasses or other goblets, I can easily make trifles with a little of the cake, strawberries, cool whip mixed with strawberry yogurt and so on. The Lambs cake is more for decor I think.

Am quite excited that the next batch of lambs cake came out beautifully. I used my new homemade non-sticking goo to brush on the pans. They came out lovely. Now the hard part, decorating.

IMG_3519The goo? Its 1 part flour, 1 part oil and 1 part Crisco. Mix all together and use a pastry brush to coat the pans. Works like a charm. Found it somewhere on the internet. Thanks someone!


(Can you tell I just learned I can make lines on my posts?)

First, yesterday we had a “battle for the nesting spot” going on.

IMG_3517 (598x800)It seems one of the girls just got tired of Goldie hogging the favorite nesting spot. Goldie has been broody now for several weeks, sitting on everyone’s eggs, pecking at you when you go to collect them. The other girls all want to lay their eggs there too and she growls at them. Finally this one just got sick of it and said “If you wont move over, I’ll just lay it on you, baby!”

But  look who got the last laugh…

Sorry, all the chicks are napping right now.
Sorry, all the chicks are napping right now. Not a very friendly face though…

Yesterday a young lady friend of my sons and I went to the feed store to check out the chicks. We wanted to pick up 4 good layers, since we had a broody hen and she would do all the work raising them. What we really wanted were Brown Shavers or some other non-local breed, but we would have to get 15 and it would cost so much…

Anyway, here we were at the feed store, where we always get our babies. What did we see, but this large family standing in front of the coop demanding, “Give us all the white ones!” I was so disappointed. They were Delawares, which we had never had. I would not have minded trying out one. I looked at one the guys with the clan. He looked at me with dull eyes and said. “We saw on youtube that you can dye the chicks. We are going to let them loose on Easter and let the kids chase them and catch them.”
I was horrified. I think my jaw dropped.

“And what will you do with them after Easter?” I asked.

‘I don’t know Do you want them?” Ahhhhhh!

In the meantime their kids where picking up baby ducklings and walking around with them, in spite of the feed store people telling them to put them down. The store owner was explaining to them that coloring the chicks would be animal cruelty and was against the law. He tried to make them understand that these were babies that needed warmth, food and water. He explained about having a light bulb for them and sold them some chick food. One of the women said loudly “Oh, my uncle has a farm, we’ll just take them there after Easter”. They were there a long time while we waited for our chicks. I could tell the owner did not want to sell them to these horrific people, who just wanted to use them as toys. I am pretty sure they will be dead before Easter morning anyway. Poor things. I probably should have followed them, snuck in at night and chick-napped them.

We came home with our four anyway, put them in a lined box with food, water and a heat lamp.

Then night came.

The hens were all settled in for the night. Sonny-jim, girlfriend and I tip-toed out there (tip-toeing around the dog mines) with the babies. Stork girl carefully placed each chick neatly under the sleeping broody hen. When all four were in, we closed all the doors, mainly so no other hens could get in and possibly hurt the chicks. (Think Jurassic park, little raptors with feathers).

We waited to see what we might hear. Distress calls from babies? Screeching from mama?

We just heard mama making little clucky sounds to her new chicks. Within moments it was all silent and they were ensconced under their new mama. I would put in a picture, but she is being very protective right now. After all, she should be allowed a bit of maternity leave, wouldn’t you say?

Hey! Whats in there! Let me in! Whaa? Can't I come in too? What are those little things? I won't hurt them...Lemme in!
Hey! Whats in there! Let me in! Whaa? Can’t I come in too? What are those little things? I won’t hurt them…Lemme in!
Here is last years lambs cake
Here is last years lambs cake. There is a bag of Easter grass to garnish it.

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