For All You Chicken Fans

Have you seen “The Workday Chicken Pic”?

It is a weekday picture of chickens submitted by backyard farmers all over the world.

Here is a sample…

shapeimage_9The photo captions are work related, about bosses, new employees, bring your daughter to work day, etc.

The woman doing this, for free now for years, has semi-retired and only posts pics Tuesday thru Thursday. But I sure look forward to seeing the Workday Chicken Pic in my inbox in the morning.

We have submitted several pictures over the years and they have published them all. Here is our most recent one that was used May 6th.

IMG_3517 (598x800)I can’t seem to find her post of it though. If I forwarded it to you, please send it back to me. The caption was along the lines of “Your not leaving until this is done, even if I have to sit on you” or something like that. I don’t know why our hen feels like sitting and squishing her sisters. This isn’t the first time. Maybe she just likes a soft seat to lay her eggs on.

They used to have caption contests, but I haven’t seen any lately.

Click on it and enjoy!

I got my big breakthrough on Workday Chicken Pic!



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